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We Are Richardson Sales Performance

Richardson Sales Performance is the global leader in sales training and performance improvement. For over 40 years, we have worked with the most inspiring sales organizations across industries and geographies. We drive accelerated growth by enabling agility in your sales team so they can get ahead of buyers’ changing needs and act quickly to win. From ensuring your sales managers are executing the right activities to equipping your sales team with the skills and agile approach that focuses on customer collaboration, we will guide your sales organization through a digitally-enabled performance journey that excites, engages and reveals results.

Sales Training Designed to Win with Every Buyer, Every Time

There is no second act in selling. Buyers have too many options and not enough time. When your salespeople show up throughout the sales cycle, they must be exceptional — cutting through the noise and distilling what matters most.

That’s where we come in. We train your sales team to outperform the competition when the buyer has heard it all and is looking for substance.

Create the Sales Team That Drives Your Number

The ground continues to shift under your sales team’s feet, and what worked in the past for your sales professionals and sales managers will no longer cut it. But, training your salespeople to show up differently in front of buyers can be a challenging task.

Get the benefit of our hindsight. As one of the most experienced sales training companies, we’ve done this before, and it’s our job to guide you to the most direct path to results. You’ll work with a team of sales experts who know what makes salespeople tick and what kind of training programs will get them to change their behavior in the field.

Delivering Lasting Results

If your sales performance training company doesn’t help you move the needle, then it wasn’t worth the investment. Let’s talk about the metrics you care about, what we know drives results, and then hold ourselves accountable. You define success; we’ll define the path.

Customer Success Story

Learn how Richardson Sales Performance trained account executives at OUTFRONT Media to engage their buyers using client-focused dialogues that lead to a 20% increase in close rate and a 10% increase in revenue.

Global Sales Teams Depend on Richardson Sales Performance

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