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sales manager and sales rep engaged in a coaching session where the sales manager is using the skills they built in the driving salesperson accountability management training program from richardson.

Driving Salesperson Accountability

Explore a training module for sales managers that teaches a four-part approach for increasing accountability in sellers.

Improve accountability by focusing on four key activities.

The Driving Salesperson Accountability training module teaches sales managers how to execute four key activities that increase their seller's accountability by focusing on providing clarity and encouraging commitment.

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For Who

Sales Managers
Sales Leaders
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Virtual instructor-led
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2 hours

Clear Expectations and Consistent Follow Through Improves Accountability

Accountability is about clarity and commitment. A seller cannot be accountable if they do not have a well-defined understanding of what is expected of them.

Driving Salesperson Accountability Module Overview

To hold sellers accountable, managers need to determine what they are holding them accountable to by focusing on 4 key activities:

  1. Dissect Sales Realities – Assess the sales team around the “success equation” to identify a few shortfalls that require attention.
  2. Determine Key Metrics - Determine 2-3 key metrics to monitor for each area of the “success equation”
  3. Design Accountability Changes – Reflect on current accountability systems and identify changes needed based on the key shortfalls.
  4. Drill Down to Individuals – Revisit the Team Assessment questions but with a reflection on 3-5 Sales Reps. Additionally, draft actions they will take to address the shortfalls.

Module Objectives

Upon completing the module sales leaders and managers will be better able to:

  • Objectively look at how they manage activities leading to business results
  • Assess the current sales reality of their entire sales team
  • Determine the metrics to monitor for areas of focus, activity, pipeline, and results
  • Reflect on their own current accountability systems and identify if a change is required

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