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Sales and Management Capabilities

Flexible training content builds relevant sales & sales management capabilities enabling you to create tailored learning paths across selling roles.

In the real-world selling skills are great, but a full set of sales capabilities is better.

There are a lot of sales training solutions out there that build skills in a vacuum, at Richardson we offer programs that focus on building capabilities that empower your team to achieve their desired outcomes. The difference is nuanced but important. Building capabilities means building a number of different skills that are applied to agilely adapt to different selling or management scenarios as they naturally arise in conversations. Building selling and sales management capabilities starts with identifying the outcomes you want to achieve and then defines the unique learning path your sellers and sales managers need to take to achieve them.

graphic of richardson's sales capability framework that is made up of 15 sales capabilities supported by 55 sales behaviors

Sales Capability Framework

Richardson helps teams develop diverse selling capabilities enabling sales professionals to stay agile and adaptable amidst market changes and increasing customer demands. Richardson’s Sales Capability Framework is a complete collection of 15 sales capabilities supported by 55 sales behaviors that sellers must master to enhance commercial selling competitiveness.

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overview of the richardson sales management and leadership capabilities framework which features the 5 capabilities and 25 behaviors sales managers need to master to lead successful teams

Sales Management Capabilities Framework

Richardson helps sales managers develop leadership capabilities that empower them to lead successful, agile, teams focused on continuous improvement. Richardson’s Sales Management Capability Framework is a complete collection of 5 leadership capabilities supported by 25 behaviors sales managers must master to enhance the effectiveness of their teams.

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