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Technology Sales Training for an Industry of Continual Innovation

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Training for Success in Technology Sales

Selling the transformative technology solutions of today demands new skills. Sales professionals in technology, IT, telecom, and software need a training program that helps them stand out in a complex ecosystem.

As technology companies extend beyond their core markets in search of new revenue opportunities, sales professionals must adapt to new challenges like:

  • Selling existing products to new markets: Software sellers often struggle to connect with buyers outside of their industry niche, missing out on potential opportunities and revenue.
  • Strategically positioning solutions: Success requires more than just understanding all the ins and outs of your solution – you also need a deep understanding of your customer's business and their challenges.
  • Navigating negotiations: In addition to lengthy sales cycles, sellers must increasingly contend with customers with greater access to information and options.

Our technology sales training programs address these challenges. At Richardson, our programs have helped many Fortune 500 technology companies to:

  • Create a scalable strategy to grow referral networks
  • Identify equitable trades in negotiations
  • Present procurement-friendly pricing strategies and deal proposals
  • Use an agile selling methodology to keep up with their buyer's changing needs

Our Customized Approach to Technology Sales Training

We create technology sales training tailored to your business. To do so, we start with a deep analysis of your organization, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Throughout this process, we interview sales leaders, learning leaders, marketing team members, and sales professionals. Their responses allow our instructional designers to develop a curriculum that supports your business’s existing strategies, competitive approach, and value proposition. Using these insights, we build a training program that equips your technology sales team with practical skills for their pipeline.

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Training Programs for Technology Sellers

Richardson’s training solutions can equip technology sales professionals with the knowledge and skills to understand the unique challenges of today's market.

Comprehensive training is not only about product knowledge but also about learning to identify the most critical benefits that the product or service offers in relation to these challenges. Proper training empowers sales professionals to deliver value through their solutions effectively, ultimately driving business success in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

We recommend technology sales teams invest in training content focused on:


Learn to use an agile framework of momentum-driving sales tactics, skills based on behavioral science, efficiency-increasing tools, and progress tracking to enhance deal strategy.


Sellers need to identify the right customers, craft compelling messages, and seek engagement. Learn how to deeply engage leads, market effectively, and uncover customer needs.


Develop the dialogue skills needed to shape value perception, protect the sale scope, overcome objections, and secure mutually beneficial deals that foster future business.

How Richardson Improved Selling Outcomes for a Fortune 500 Computer Manufacturer

A Fortune 500 computer manufacturer needed to boost direct sales, increase cross-selling, and foster long-term relationships in their multi-division call center.

The company partnered with Richardson. After extensive interviews, our instructional designers created a combined instructor-led and online learning solution.

The training prepared participants to:

  • Keep the dialogue customer-focused to identify needs and position solutions
  • Upsell and cross-sell components and peripherals
  • Understand the buyer decision-making process
  • Identify and maximize “buying signals”
  • Resolve tough customer questions and objections

The client’s internal evaluation of training effectiveness showed that for every $1 spent on Richardson’s technology sales training, they gained $321 in revenue.

Post-training, they saw a 10% average increase in weekly margins, translating into $5 million in overall margin increases. The head of global sales training credits Richardson as instrumental to their success in this measure.

Brief: How Sellers Can Adapt as Capital Costs Change the Calculus of the Internet and Software Industry

Download the brief to learn three skills that help sales professionals adapt to changes in the tech environment due to rising costs.


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Our Impact

  • 900Global Clients

  • 3.5M+Individuals Trained

  • 12%5-12% Increase in Revenue

  • 24%Improvement in skill efficiency

  • 35%Increase in knowledge proficiency

Resources for Software, Technology & IT Sales Professionals

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