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Sprint Negotiations Training Program

Sprint Negotiations Training

Maximize the Value of the Sale

Use agile negotiation skills to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes

The Sprint Negotiations training program builds agile negotiation skills to enable sellers to realize the full value of the sale. Sellers develop the knowledge, confidence, and skill to avoid losing control, read and adapt to each situation, and guide the negotiation to a mutually beneficial result that maximizes their outcome and protects the relationship.

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For Who

Sales Professionals
Sales Managers
Business Development
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Virtual instructor-led
Digital Learning
Blended Learning
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2-Day ILT or 4 four-hour VILT workshops with Pre and Post Digital Learning

Sprint NegotiationsTM Sales Training Program Overview

Sprint Negotiations™ is a needs-, dialogue-, and value-based relationship approach to arriving at a mutually successful outcome for you and your customer that, ideally, enhances your relationship status with the customer.

This universal approach relies on the behavioral science behind how customers make decisions. These principles help sellers shape the customer’s perception of value while working toward a mutually beneficial outcome.

With a combination of social psychology, interactive learning, and customization, learners leave Sprint Negotiations™ training with the tools and confidence to move a commitment to a close. 

We equip sellers with several tools including negotiation criteria, negotiation ‘sprints’, the critical skills to guide you through a negotiation, and the following:

  • Sprint Negotiation Framework: A framework to help control outcomes by connecting the value of the offering to the customer’s business needs
  • Negotiations Planning Tool: A planner to ensure proper preparation and execution of the Sprint Negotiation framework

sprint negotiation framework and planning tool

Take a deeper dive into the Sprint NegotiationsTM Framework by downloading the white paper: Maximizing Deal Value with Sprint Negotiations

Sales Performance Platform Example: Control in Negotiations

The video below is from the Sprint NegotiationsTM training program on our sales performance platform. It demonstrates an ineffective example of the skill of control in negotiations with coaching insights.

Learn more about the Accelerate Sales Performance platform by clicking here.

Negotiations Training Program Business Benefits

Upon completing sales negotiation skills training, your team will experience the following business benefits:

  • Improved ability to justify value and protect or increase deal size
  • Increased win ratio and decreased sales cycle by leading the negotiation with confidence and control
  • Improved ability to protect price and avoid discounting while preserving relationships
sales negotiation training program

Sprint Negotiations Training Program Brochure

Learn about a program that builds skills that empowers your team to agilely navigate negotiations conversations.


Key Areas of Content

  • Control

    Control the impulse to jump to trading

  • Preserve Deal Size

    Preserve the deal size by converting demands to needs to prevent or limit trading

  • Follow Up

    Execute effective follow-up to solidify the deal and maintain momentum

  • Lead

    Lead the negotiation with an effective opening that anchors the value of the deal

  • Close

    Convert a commitment to a close by overcoming deadlocks through trading, if needed

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