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Instructor-Led Sales Training Workshops

Inspiring Participants to Improve with Engaging In-Person Training

Whether it is through our sales skill assessments, deep sales content, or coaching platform, you will see the established principles of adult learning science woven into our instructional design and facilitation.

The Richardson Experience

We use a “learning-by-doing” training methodology in our instructor-led sales training workshops, whereby participants are actively engaged in role play, problem solving, brainstorming, and individual and team exercises and receive intensive coaching and feedback. The combination of application, in-person facilitator and peer feedback, and self-assessment creates engaging, relevant, and immediately applicable learning that accelerates behavior change for your sales team.

A key part of the philosophy that drives the methodology behind our sales training workshops is that participants are not blank slates. Participants are respected for what they bring to the training. Our training instructors utilize a Socratic approach of questioning and generating a dialogue before presenting concepts and models. By doing this vs. lecturing, we gain participant involvement and buy-in before we build models and teach learning points. We encourage them to use their “natural models” on which we then build models and refine sales skills to get them to their next levels of excellence.

Our training model is a blend of constructivist and behaviorist approaches designed to maximize learning for all participants. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles are accommodated equally in the instructor-led sales training workshops. Visual cues are provided using “advance organizers” or conceptual aids, such as diagrams and models. People with a predilection for auditory learning enjoy the fact that Richardson workshop instructors lead engaging, dialogue-based activities and discussions — as opposed to didactic presentations. And, kinesthetic, or tactile, learners benefit from hands-on planning tools and forms that promote real-world application of classroom learning and supporting and sustaining behavioral change.

Seasoned Facilitators Bring Content Expertise and Real-world Experience

Why are Richardson’s sales training workshops different from those of competitors? The answer lies in our people — we have an exceptional team of global trainers with strong sales and training backgrounds that add tremendous value to clients and live, breathe, and role model our methodologies, models, and experiences.

Richardson Facilitators act as more than just in-person trainers departing knowledge and helping individuals practice skills. They are effective coaches and instructors. One of the unique ways in which we coach during the training workshops is through a process of “redirect,” which Richardson introduced as a coaching process of stopping the action and giving real-time feedback. This process increases participant awareness of effective and less-than-effective behaviors and allows them to make course corrections in-the-moment, as well as apply effective use of the skills, which aid rapid adoption. The workshop participants also develop their own feedback skills and are provided tools to foster self- and peer coaching necessary for ongoing development.