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Richardson Accelerate™ Sales Performance Platform

Learn, apply, win, repeat with the Accelerate Sales Performance Platform

Learn at the Speed of Sales

Organizations are experiencing an unprecedented level of change in rapidly shifting markets. Many sales organizations are unable to adapt to this level of change and sellers are struggling to sell in an increasingly fast-paced and complex environment. Introducing Richardson’s new Accelerate™ Sales Performance Platform, a digital learning platform that enables sales professionals to develop and apply the right selling skills at the right moment to win the sale and drive revenue.

Video: Accelerate Sales Performance Platform Overview

Richardson Accelerate uses a simplified learn–practice – apply – coach structure to support learning. In the video below, we provide an overview of how the platform delivers a learning experience that sticks.

Find out more about the unique features that make this learning platform work by downloading the white paper Learn, Practice, Apply, Win, Repeat with the Accelerate Sales Performance Platform

The learning architecture that powers Accelerate is designed to engage sales professionals of all backgrounds and selling styles so that a consistent set of skills become visible across a distributed, multi-generational sales team.

  • Our simplified interface guides users through a performance journey supported by a learn – practice – apply – coach structure. This personalized learning experience delivers content in a variety of mediums to ensure that concepts stick.
  • Quick, bite-sized modules make it easy to learn and remember.
  • Integrated surveys and assessments allow users to see where more practice is needed.

The power of Accelerate comes from an intuitive design that rapidly builds the selling skills that have already empowered over 3 million sales professionals across 900 global clients. The streamlined design brings the most effective selling skills into the flow of work for results that can be seen where they matter most: in front of the customer.

Learn, Practice, Apply, Coach performance sprints support true adoption of skills


Real-time visibility into engagement, progress & performance with integrated surveys and assessments

Accelerate™ Sales Performance Platform includes technology to empower users and managers to track progress which inspires participants to commit to training and helps managers have more effective coaching conversations.


Sentiment Survey

Gauges sellers’ readiness to learn at the beginning of their performance learning journey.

Baseline & Final Check

Establish a baseline on current proficiency with behavioral assessments using selling scenarios. Identify to improve. Compare to organization and industry benchmarks.

Answer This

Quick, one-question surveys, integrated into lessons as a pulse check to make sure you’re tracking with the lesson. Get immediate feedback.


Knowledge Check

Short surveys to see how your skills are improving as you navigate content. Understand progress towards mastery of best practices and selling skills.


Video prompted practice questions with a gamified experience. Simulate real-life selling next best move. Gain points, build confidence.


Workflow tools that embed best practices in your CRM

Transition learned best practices into opportunity pursuit and account management actions inside your CRM to drive lasting behavior change

Score Opportunities

Use the Sales Formula to assess progress on each opportunity, uncover risks and plan your next best move

Plan Your Call

Collaborate with your team on desired call objectives, and call strategy based on retrospective of last interaction

Reflect & Coach

Conduct structured debriefs against call objectives, align on call outcomes and identify areas for performance coaching to build capability

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Brochure: Accelerate Sales Performance Platform

Learn more about Richardson Accelerate, the sales performance platform at the heart of our blended learning training solution.

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Our Impact

  • 12%5-12% Increase in Revenue

  • 24%Improvement in skill efficiency

  • 35%Increase in knowledge proficiency

  • 900Global Clients

  • 3.5M+Individuals Trained

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