Sales Training Program Details

This training program uses a customer-focused approach to plan and execute sales calls that build trust and advance the sale. Apply a powerful road map and skills for successful needs-based dialogues that build credibility, enable better problem solving, foster customer openness, and arm you with critical information needed to position a compelling...

Apply a strategic approach to planning and executing effective negotiations that align customer stakeholders, differentiate your offering and organization, preserve price and terms, and foster productive working relationships.

Consultative Prospecting is a needs-, dialogue-, and value-based relationship approach to pursuing new business opportunities. Richardson’s Consultative Prospecting program takes an in-depth look at the critical dynamics of reaching new customers.

Learn a powerful methodology, skills, and tools to provoke customer thinking to create new sales opportunities or shape existing opportunities to your strengths. Develop the ability to become the point of differentiation and bring relevant insights and ideas to create value in the buying experience.

Use a powerful combination of process, strategy, and dialogue skills to create consistent, measurable value with key customers in a way that helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the customer’s business, increase alignment between your organizations, and expand business.

Improve agility and win rates against tough competition in high-stakes meetings. Expand deal size and scope by leveraging cross-divisional capabilities. Maximize sales meetings throughout all stages to advance the pursuit of qualified deals. Elevate the customer experience via better alignment with multiple stakeholders and within a selling team.

Learn a powerful roadmap for a successful, needs-based telephone sales dialogue from open to close. Build skills necessary to open more doors, better understand customer needs, and win more deals.

Develop strategies and skills to gain preferred provider position in your key accounts. Use a customer-focused sales approach to planning and executing critical customer dialogues that build trust, strengthen the relationship, and win business.

Develop the strategies and skills to understand and meet customer needs, exceed their expectations, and create a truly positive customer experience. Increase productivity by maximizing opportunities for one-call resolution and minimizing escalations.

Learn to align with the way your customers buy, identify, and track the activities needed to advance the sale, navigate a complex stakeholder environment, and engage in strategic dialogues that build trust and create value for customers, as well as arm you with needed information to communicate a compelling value proposition and win the deal.

Apply influencing strategies, tactics, and skills to internal interactions to increase persuasiveness, ensure clarity and accountability, and build strong relationships.

Use sales strategies that maintain contact, add value, and strengthen relationships during sales cycles to be “top of mind” when opportunities arise. Capitalize on social events to generate business contacts and opportunities.

Learn strategies, skills, and tools for preparing and delivering persuasive sales presentations to beat competitors and the status quo. Use storytelling techniques to capture your audience’s hearts and minds while making a compelling business case for change.

Increase confidence in your ability to turn cues from customer interactions into revenue by learning processes and skills to have outstanding sales dialogues and ask for the business.

Develop a Territory Management Plan that is used as a living document to target and focus energy on priority customers and sales prospects as a critical step in achieving revenue and relationship objectives. Apply a disciplined process for managing a territory that analyzes and prioritizes opportunities to create a clear and focused picture of how to...

Richardson's storytelling program enables sales professionals with the process and skills to tell a great story that will lead to more closed business.

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