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a female sales manager provides coaching and feedback to her female seller after a sales call in the field.

Coaching in the Field

Explore a training program that teaches sales managers how to provide coaching and feedback in real-time.

Provide feedback and coaching in real time to drive immediate results.

The Coaching in the Field training module builds skills that empower sales managers to provide their reps with feedback and coaching based on observed behaviors in the field. This coaching skill helps drive meaningful improvement because the insights are specific and actionable.

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For Who

Sales Managers
Sales Leaders
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Virtual instructor-led
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2 hours

Transform Observations in the Field into Actionable Coaching Moments

Great coaches look at the field, not just the scoreboard.

Field coaching is fundamentally different than one-on-one coaching because it is specific to a moment. This is in contrast to an annual or quarterly review which examines trends.

Though field coaching happens in the middle of a sales action it is not spontaneous. It begins with preparation before moving to coaching, then feedback.

Coaching in the Field Module Overview

The Coaching in the Field sales manager training module teaches managers how to prepare for and execute field coaching conversations.

Sales managers learn how to prepare for a field observation by reviewing the current situation, setting goals (SMART Objectives) and roles for the meeting, determining which sales skill or process area needs attention as well as discussing signs to use to have given cues for handoffs, to listen better, to change pace, etc.

Sales managers also learn how to observe their reps' performance in the field. They learn how to ensure their role is understood by the customer, resist jumping in, and react tactfully to scenarios where the Sales Rep has gone off track.

Finally, managers learn best practices for providing post-meeting coaching. The module includes instruction on how to use an effective feedback model as part of the coaching conversation that is designed to elicit ideas from the Sales Rep about what they did well and what they would do differently in the future (as well as allowing the manager to share his or her ideas).

Module Learning Objectives

Through the course of this training sales managers will:

  • Explore the value of field coaching
  • Review best practices for preparing for a field coaching session
  • Identify a skill or process area upon which to focus a field coaching session
  • Explore how to use signs between the manager and seller during live customer meetings
  • Use an effective feedback model as part of the coaching conversation

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