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connected selling training curriculum

Connected Selling Curriculum

A broad, connected curriculum anchored in behavioral science

Our sales training curriculum is underpinned by our firm belief that a sales professional’s ability to create a connected, insightful, engaging dialogue is the key to establishing trust and building long-term relationships. Across our programs, the connection is paramount: connection to oneself and your next level of sales excellence and a connection to your customers in a way that has meaning and value. It is through these connections that we translate skill into business value, better customer conversations into a competitive advantage, and a sales team that survives into one that thrives.

A Sales Training Curriculum Grounded in Behavioral Science

Grounded in behavioral science, our content has been re-imagined and re-tooled to address the needs of both modern buyers and salespeople.

Every Richardson Sales Performance sales training program is customized so that selling best practices are taught in an exact replica of your organizations’ real selling situations. And because we’ve already taught key concepts prior to class, time is reserved for case studies, exercises, and role-plays that provide an immersive environment to practice and refine skills. Sales professionals leave class with a higher skill proficiency than a traditional approach, ready to use their new found skills in the field.

Benefits Overview

The Connected Selling CurriculumTM provides:

  • Flexibility to train different roles across the organization while achieving consistency and a common language among various groups, such as field sales, complex sales, inside sales, service, and managers
  • Interconnected skills across programs, as well as transferable skills across different roles
  • Behavioral science to help navigate the modern buyer journey and drive more sales
  • The skills necessary to help organizations shape better customer conversations and create a competitive advantage
  • Sales and learning leaders’ options to leverage subscription access to the full curriculum of content

The Connected Selling CurriculumTM is a collection of sales training programs built to work together and build upon each other across roles and capabilities to drive a common language and clear approach for sales performance at scale.

Learn More About the Connected Selling CurriculumTM in this short video.

multigenerational sales force webinar

Brief: Multi-Role Sales Training Curriculum

Learn how to build the right selling skills for every role in your sales organization.


Why Richardson Sales Performance

  • Blended Learning & VILT Available

  • Programs for Sellers, Managers, and Leadership

  • Training for All Levels of Experience

  • Focused Courses to Find, Win & Grow Business

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