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accelerate sales performance system overview banner that highlights all of of the components - insights, learn, live, and flow

Build Revenue-relevant Selling Behaviors with Personalization and Precision

The Accelerate Sales Performance System is a comprehensive sales capability building solution that brings clarity to the most critical skill gaps you need to address to move your business metrics. This innovative solution provides a personalized and engaging seller experience that is organized around a set of defined sales capabilities driven by your RevTech data. The Accelerate Sales Performance system is comprised of 4 key components: Accelerate Insights, Accelerate Learn, Accelerate Live, and Accelerate Flow. Learn more about each of these components below.

graphic showing the insights component of the Accelerate Sales Performance System

Accelerate Insights

Accelerate Insights is the engine of the Accelerate Sales Performance System. It aggregates data across your RevTech stack to deliver focused, personalized, ongoing capability development that connects business metrics to the selling behaviors that influence them.

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graphic showing the elements of the accelerate learn component of the accelerate sales performance system which are capability framework, modular content, and digital learning

Accelerate Learn

Accelerate Learn transforms the Richardson Sales Capability Framework into world-class digital learning. Personal learning recommendations are delivered based on real-time performance metrics and capability assessments.

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graphic showing the live component of the accelerate sales performance system which includes customization, coaching, and workshops

Accelerate Live

Accelerate Live is where personalized feedback, coaching, and real-world practice take sellers to their next level of performance. Building upon digital learning, virtual and live workshops advance the behavior change cycle. Our facilitators ensure your sellers are challenged, engaged, and leave better than when they entered.

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graphic showing the key elements of the accelerate flow accelerate sales performance improvement system component - spaced repetition technology, workflow tools, and on demand content

Accelerate Flow

Accelerate Flow is where learning extends into the flow of work to cement new behaviors into lasting ones. CRM-enabled workflow tools embed best practices, learned skills, and in-the-moment coaching into the natural flow of work. Data from tool usage feeds back into the Insights engine to further enhance recommendations and measure the impact of behavior change in the field

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Discover how one system can enable your entire sales organization to reach new heights

  • Sellers

    Your sales reps get a personalized, prioritized learning roadmap to build capabilities connected to the metrics that enable them to close more deals and drive more revenue.

  • Revenue Leaders

    Revenue leaders can pinpoint where to focus resources, make data-driven decisions, and instantly see what investments are working for them.

  • Enablement Leaders

    Enablement Leaders get insights that equip them to close skills gaps, align efforts with business goals, and effectively and efficiently measure impact.

  • Sales Managers

    Sales Managers can access a comprehensive view of individual and team performance enabling them to maximize performance, coach where it counts, and drive continuous growth.