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Accelerate Flow

Extend Learning into the Flow of Work to Cement New Behaviors

Accelerate Flow

Accelerate Flow is where learning extends into the flow of work to cement new behaviors into lasting ones. CRM-enabled workflow tools embed best practices, learned skills, and in-the-moment coaching into the natural flow of work.

From call planning, to deal pursuits, to strategic account planning, the Flow tools will transform your sellers' skills into real results. Then data from tool usage feeds back into the Insights engine to enhance training recommendations and measure the impact of behavior change in the field.

example of the accelerate flow crm-embeded workflow tools

Content and best practices are further reinforced through spaced repetition technology that increases knowledge retention and proficiency. Teams will engage in short-burst content nudges and compete against peers as part of an ongoing engagement strategy. Over time, their new behaviors become the standard way of operating as they drive toward sustained performance uplift.

Driving Continuous Improvement Across the Organization

Every team member benefits from incorporating best practices into the regular flow of work.

Your leaders will see real change happening in the field and build teams who know what good looks like, delivering against higher expectations. They'll use tools to coach deals and help their sellers grow accounts, leading to increased utilization of their entire RevTech stack as their teams see the direct correlations between their development, actions, and individual results.

accelerate sales performance system overview

Brochure: The NEW Accelerate Sales Performance System

Download a complimentary brochure outlining Richardson's game-changing new solution that uses your data to inform personalized learning journeys for your team.


Solution Features

  • Workflow Tools

    Transform skills into real-world results by embedding best practices, learned skills and in-the-moment coaching into the natural flow of work.  Data from tool usage feeds back into the Insights engine to enhance learning recommendations and measure the impact of the behavior change.

  • Spaced Repetition Technology

    Reinforce best practices, content comprehension, and proficiency with spaced repetition technology. Engage sellers using short-burst content nudges and competition against peers to drive learning sustainment. 

  • Content on Demand

    Drive continuous improvement using the data collection capabilities of the Insights engine to deliver new, personalized learning recommendations based on the evolving competencies of your sellers.

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