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Positioning a Price Increase Training

Proactively & Strategically Manage Price Increase Conversations with Customers to Maintain Profitability

Proactively & Strategically Manage Price Increase Conversations with Customers to Maintain Profitability

Most businesses are confronted with disrupted supply chains, indexation, and a shortage of raw materials. Consequently, profit margins are under pressure. Sales leaders need a plan for delivering price increases to customers while preserving the relationship. Our Positioning a Price Increase program gives sales teams the skills to increase, or maintain profitability within existing relationships in a rising cost environment.

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Sales Professionals
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Virtual instructor-led
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Two, 3.5-hour virtual instructor-led sessions with optional real-deal coaching sessions

Positioning a Price Increase Training Program

In the program, sales professionals learn how to prepare for the customer conversation, deliver the price increase, and respond to the customer’s reaction. Most importantly, our Positioning a Price Increase program leverages the powerful principle of learn-by-doing with live role play exercises that allow sales professionals to pressure test their skills. Positioning a price increase enables sales professionals to go from concept to conversation in just two short training sessions.

Our program teaches sales professionals how to preserve the relationship amid higher prices by following a clear, three-part plan:


  • Prepare: Learn how to research the customer’s current power structure and competitive landscape while planning the meeting outcomes, initial anchor price, and tradeable items.
  • Notify: Learn how to begin the conversation by setting the context surrounding the price increase while reinforcing the relationship. Develop the skills for introducing the adjustment and explain the rationale behind the change.
  • Respond: Develop strategies for neutrally acknowledging the customer’s response and ask questions that aim to understand the customer’s underlying needs. Learn how to position the value of the solution or engage in a trading strategy if needed.
I believe this will help me and my team in current and future pricing negotiations conversations. I have done a few sales and negotiation training sessions lately and this by far was the most beneficial.
Sales Manager, Becton, Dickinson and Company

Positioning a Price Increase Training Program Business Benefits

  • Upon completing the Positioning a Price Increase training program, your sales team will experience the following business benefits:
  • Prevail in a rising cost environment by increasing prices while preserving critical business relationships
  • Create a repeatable, scalable plan for navigating the business challenges that will persist throughout the years
  • Overcome rising labor costs, supply chain challenges, and raw material shortage problems with a single, effective strategy

  • Conversation preparation

    Effectively and efficiently prepare for pricing conversations with customers

  • Competitive analysis

    Analyze your current position with the customer and assess the risks and benefits of the price increase

  • Positioning with control

    Effectively position a price increase using strategies and skills to maintain control and achieve the best possible outcome in the price conversation

  • Converting demands to needs

    Gain the higher price by converting demands to needs to prevent or limit trading

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