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group of sales people gathered around a table looking at a free-standing white board engaged in a meeting lead by a sales leader who uses a structured and simple approach.

Leading Sales Team Meetings

Make team meetings run smoothly with an approach focused simplicity, recognition, and capabilities.

Focus on simplicity, recognition, and capabilities to lead more effective sales team meetings.

The Leading Sales Team Meetings manager training module teaches sales leaders how to better engage their sellers and make the most of everyone's time by following a structured approach that ensures the message gets across.

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Sales Managers
Sales Leaders
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Virtual instructor-led
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3 hours

Focus on the Structure of a Team Meeting as Much as the Message

The most effective sales team meetings focus on structure as much as the message.

Over time sales meetings can devolve into a formality performed out of habit. Effective sales managers prevent this drift by using a structured approach that focuses on simplicity, recognition, and capabilities.

Leading Sales Team Meetings Module Overview

In this module, sales leaders learn to follow a 5-part team meeting structure:

  1. Energizer: Managers kick off team meetings with an energizer (e.g., brain puzzle, fun question, react to a video) to engage the sales team early
  2. KISS (Keep it Simply Simple): Managers ensure simplicity, good pace, team input on the agenda as well as shared content from the team
  3. Team/Individual Updates: Managers learn effective ways to conduct team and individual updates by focusing on the most relevant content for the audience and relegating less useful content to other venues
  4. Reward and Recognition: Managers learn ways to reward and recognize individuals
  5. Capability Activity: Managers learn how to provide value during meetings through drills, role plays, and exercises

The module is further bolstered with instruction around how to allocate time across these 5 topics for various meeting durations (i.e., 30-minute meeting, 45-minute meeting, 60-minute meeting)

Module Objectives

In this course sales managers will:

  • Explore the value and structure of a consistent, sales team meeting agenda
  • Discuss how to use energizers to engage the sales team
  • Explore effective ways to conduct team and individual updates
  • Share ways to reward and recognize during team meetings
  • Explore ways to provide value during meetings through drills, role plays and exercises

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