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Motivating Sales Professionals training program

Motivating Sales Professionals

Inspire your sales team to reach their next level of success.

Train your sales leaders to tap into their sellers intrinsic drivers.

The Motivating Sales Professionals training module teaches sales managers how to build intrinsic motivation in their sales team by focusing on four key areas.

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For Who

Sales Managers
Sales Leaders
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Virtual instructor-led
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3 hours

Building Intrinsic Motivation is Possible

A sales manager cannot motivate someone until they truly understand them.

Motivation is a combination of intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors. Many sales managers believe they do not have influence over intrinsic motivation which comes from within. In fact, managers can influence intrinsic motivation by helping the seller see how the characteristics of the job connect to whatever inner drivers they have.

Motivating Sales Professionals Module Overview

In this module, we discuss 4 key areas:

  • The role motivation plays in achieving maximum success: Motivation comes with clarity and that clarity is provided by not just focusing on results but backing up and ensuring upstream activities and areas of focus are going well
  • Asking introspective questions: Asking introspective questions gets the participants to think about their level of motivation. These questions touch on intrinsic and extrinsic motivators before segueing to discussing the three categories of “secondary needs” (Power, Achievement, Affiliation) that can help explain and underpin a motivation profile.
  • Building a motivation profile, role play, and activity: Managers select a seller from their team to identify his or her own motivators and build a Motivation Profile. This scenario will continue to be used throughout the module in the form of a motivational coaching discussion to determine what motivates them and how coaching conversations should leverage the motivation factors. The concepts of motivation are then considered in regard to how they will be factored into one’s management disciplines
  • Building Willpower: how to maximize performance by ensuring clarity on management disciplines, prioritization of what’s important, and identifying what is getting in your way.

Module Objectives

After completing this training module sales managers and leaders will be better able to:

  • Describe the role that motivation plays in achieving maximum success
  • Outline a 3-part framework for ensuring motivation is central in how they are managing others
  • Zero in on what to look for to assess individual motivations
  • Apply knowledge of the motivation profile to ensure stronger communication with sales professionals

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