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opportunity review training for sales professionals and sales managers

Reviewing Opportunities

Discover a better way to review opportunities to gain insights into the best ways to optimize your business.

Improve forecasting and resource utilization for more closed sales with an effective and efficient opportunity review process.

The Reviewing Opportunities module is a 4-hour training for sales managers that provides a consistent and structured approach to reviewing opportunities to ensure that opportunities are assessed and graded on facts, not feelings.

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Sales Managers
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Virtual instructor-led
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4 hours

Improve Forecast Accuracy with More Effective Opportunity Reviews

Reviewing opportunities is a fundamental sales management discipline. Pipeline management and forecasting are critically dependent on opportunities being accurately recorded in the CRM system.

Opportunity Reviews ensure better qualification, more accurate forecasting, better resource utilization, and, ultimately, more closed sales.

These benefits extend beyond the sales organization. More reliable sales forecasts lead to better insights into the health of the business for the executive leadership team and more efficient planning and operation of the other functional areas of the business.

Reviewing Opportunities Module Overview

The Reviewing Opportunities module provides a consistent and structured approach to reviewing opportunities to ensure that opportunities are assessed and graded on facts, not feelings. 

When sellers and sales managers validate their understanding of an opportunity and determine the best actions to make progress to a buying decision or qualify out, it creates a discipline of focusing limited selling time and resources on the right opportunities, accelerating sales, and closing more business. Reviews can take place at any time, for any opportunity, but regularly scheduled reviews are typically reserved for key opportunities

Reviewing Opportunities Module Business Benefits

Our Reviewing Opportunities module aims to provide an effective and efficient process to: 

  • Assess and validate an opportunity’s current status using objective standards and criteria  
  • Determine the next best actions to move the opportunity forward or qualify out 
  • Foster critical thinking about where to focus efforts, and how to increase the potential for winning a sale 
  • Enable sellers to build a higher-quality pipeline by grading opportunities on objective outcomes rather than subjective opinions 
  • Identify potential coaching opportunities based on recurring opportunity challenges 
  • Develop your personal sales management expertise
opportunity review training for sales professionals and sales managers

Opportunity Review Training Program Brochure

Learn how we'll help improve your team's ability to qualify, forecast, and close deals.


Key Areas of Content

  • Manage by Exception

    Pressure to deliver business results while developing their team’s talent places high demand on today’s sales managers. This pressure drives an increasing need for managers to work efficiently. It is not feasible or desirable to inspect every opportunity with every seller every week. Time spent with sellers or opportunities that are on track offers a lower return than those that are stuck, as does discussing details of the seller’s activities when their results show progress.

  • Emphasize Outcomes over Activities

    Progress in an opportunity is evidenced by outcomes, not activities. Sellers may be very busy yet fail to make headway in the sales. Centering an opportunity review on outcomes ensures that the seller maintains focus on advancing the sale.

  • Make Data-Driven Decisions

    Sales managers must choose where to focus their limited time. Many choose to do so subjectively, often leading to inconsistent results. The Opportunity Review process offers sales managers a more objective approach to these decisions that is dependent on accurate opportunity data. Sellers and managers should recognize the importance of maintaining CRM or opportunity management systems for their mutual benefit.

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