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Mitel Dramatically Increases Monthly Billings 6 Months After Training

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The Results

  • 17%Increase in Average Monthly Billings for Program Participants

  • 86%NPS rating for Sprint Sales Dialogues Training Experience

  • 18%Average Knowledge Increase Post-Training

The Challenge

Mitel is a global market leader in business communications. Their technology helps businesses and service providers connect, collaborate, and provide innovative services to their customers.

Mitel needed to implement a more consistent method of selling and coaching to maximize their sales organization’s performance and drive more revenue.

Mitel needed to build a consistent set of skills among managers and reps to close capability gaps of middle performers and help them achieve a higher average quota attainment. They also needed to implement a common sales methodology across the organization, develop specific selling capabilities to improve channel partner loyalty, and standardize their coaching process to empower sales managers to more effectively coach their reps.

Our Approach

Mitel and Richardson collaborated to develop a customized sales training solution that aligned with the company’s GTM strategy. 

This solution included role-specific training for their Territory and Channel Account Managers focused on getting them to follow a structured and repeatable methodology for opportunity management, and sales coaching training for sales managers focused on building agile coaching skills.

Mitel’s sales team underwent a blended learning journey to improve their ability to diagnose client and prospect needs, strengthen partner relationships, and align sales and marketing messaging.

A key factor that contributed to the Mitel team’s success was their emphasis on measurement.  Mitel’s global Sales Enablement team partnered with a Richardson Customer Success Manager to clearly outline a measurement strategy that started with the end in mind.

Mitel defined a clear definition of what success looked like for them and the appropriate metrics to measure progress against. Richardson helped them establish a pre-training baseline and used data from the Accelerate learning platform, sentiment towards the training from participant feedback surveys, and Mitel’s CRM data to track progress against Mitel’s goals. Weekly meetings between Richardson and Mitel’s enablement team ensured the measurement strategy was executed consistently and effectively.

Sales skills development is only successful when the field finds the content relevant to their own success. Our Mitel sellers have consistently said that the customized Richardson content is some of the best sales training they’ve experienced, and the concepts learned can be immediately applied to their daily work.
Cori Hartje, Director of Global Sales Enablement, Mitel Networks

Solutions that Made This Possible

Sprint Dialogues training program

Sprint Dialogues Training Program

The Sprint Dialogues Program focuses on the critical structure of a sales conversation and provides a powerful roadmap for a buyer-focused dialogue.

agile sales coaching training program

Sprint Sales Coaching Training Program

Sprint Coaching teaches an agile approach to sales coaching that turns professional development into an iterative and flexible process.

stylish african american salesman engaging a buyer off camera using solution messaging skills

Solution Messaging Training Program

Solution Messaging training helps marketing teams develop content that emphasizes the value of solutions for customers.

sales technology

Accelerate Sales Performance Platform

Accelerate provides a digital learning experience that uses assessments, video, gamification, and bite-sized modules to build sales competencies.

InstructorLedWorkshops Banner In Person Sales Workshop

Instructor-led Sales Training Workshops

Richardson's workshops employ a “learning-by-doing” training methodology where participants learn through role play, problem solving, brainstorming, and Individual & team exercises.

sales training content

Sales Training Customization

Every Richardson program is customized to ensure the learning content is relevant and builds the skills your reps need to succeed in the real world of sales.

picture of a man's hand working on a laptop with graphics coming out of it that show connectivity between data for measurement and analysis

Sales Training Measurement & Analytics | Richardson

Richardson's measurement analytics provide a complete picture of performance improvement from learning, to application, to bottom-line results.

sales skill assessments

Sales Skill Assessments

Richardson's sales skill assessments offer evidence based clarity on where you team is today and where you need to go.

sales opportunity pursuit training

Train the Trainer

This delivery modality develops internal experts who become certified to facilitate a Richardson workshop.