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agile sales coaching training program

Sprint Sales Coaching

Transform sales managers into leaders who inspire

Effective sales coaching training drives continuous performance improvement

Sales coaching training is an undisputed means of driving impact. However, great coaching is counter-intuitive. A sales coach needs training to understand the barriers and resistance to coaching and then build skills to effectively improve performance.

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Sales Managers

Sales Leaders

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Virtual instructor-led

Digital Learning

Blended Learning

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3 four-hour VILT or 1.5 ILT workshops with pre and post digital learning

Sprint Sales Coaching Training Program Overview

Richardson’s Sprint Sales Coaching training program transforms the role of a Sales Manager from being the expert who directs to a coach who inspires. In the Sprint Sales Coaching training program, sales managers gain insight into their personal biases, perceptions, communication approaches, and skill gaps that interfere with their abilities to increase accountability and strengthen performance.

Sales managers learn to use the Sprint Sales Coaching Framework, an agile sales approach that employs "selling sprints," where managers are trained to use the prepare, engage, and advance model to help their sales team self-discover ways to leverage their strengths and continually grow through effective problem-solving. The result is a team of more self-aware, self-reliant, and skilled salespeople who more independently meet business goals and the creation of a culture that values feedback and inspires self-motivation. This program arms sales managers with the process, skills, and tools needed to reinforce learning effect lasting behavior change and improve results.

Sales Performance Platform Example: Addressing a Performance Issue

The video below is from the Sprint Sales Coaching training program on our sales performance platform. It demonstrates an ineffective example of the skill of addressing a performance issue.

Sprint Sales Coaching Training Program Business Benefits

Upon completing the Developmental Sales Coaching training program, your organization will experience the following business benefits:

  • A competitive advantage from building a coaching culture that drives performance
  • A discipline of “everyday coaching” that accelerates behavior change and improves results
  • Improved performance from turning routine management inspections into coachable moments
  • Higher levels of self-motivation to excel so that team members take greater responsibility for their performance
agile sales coaching training program

Sprint Sales Coaching Training Program Brochure


Key Areas of Content

  • Preparing for Coaching Conversations

    We teach your sales managers why preparation is critical for a coaching conversation, and equip them with a systematic approach to do so effectively. We teach them how to prepare for planned coaching sessions and also how to pivot into coaching mode when the moment presents itself.

  • Connecting with your Sales Professionals

    We provide sales managers with structure and best-practice behaviors to help them effectively set the focus and tone for an honest, open, and collaborative coaching discussion. We teach managers how to position themselves for a productive, open, and collaborative interaction, by connecting with their team member on a personal and professional level.

  • Effective Sales Coaching

    At the heart of our program, we teach sales managers to engage in a collaborative process to help team members self-assess and self-discover ways to leverage strengths and improve performance through effective problem solving.

  • Commitment to Action

    We teach sales managers provides structure and best practices for gaining commitment to action that will strengthen performance in a way that continues to strengthen the relationship between manager and team member. We teach sales managers how to ensure their team member is truly clear on agreed-to actions and next steps that maintain accountability.

  • Selling Sprints

    Selling Sprints are short bursts of activity centered around achieving the four drivers and delivering progress against the pursuit criteria. Sales teams learn how Selling Sprints follow a Prepare – Engage – Advance pattern that embraces the dynamic nature of selling and integrates specific techniques, skills, and tools to win.

Deep & modern sales curriculum enables you to develop your individual sellers against role-based competencies while achieving consistency across teams.

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Our customization approach ensures we fully reflect your unique selling environment while leveraging best-in-class training content to ensure efficiency and relevancy.

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A modern delivery approach that includes live and virtual training workshops in which participants learn and practice skills complemented with a digital, blended learning journey that reinforces, sustains, and certifies desired behaviors.

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Build agile selling skills within your sales teams so that they can lead customers through a new, dynamic and digital buying journey. Agile selling skills and an outcome-focused pursuit plan are the future of selling.

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Our technology provides visibility into performance so that we can measure progress and deliver real-time insights.

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Why Richardson

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Our Impact

  • 900Global Clients

  • 3.5M+Individuals Trained

  • 12%5-12% Increase in Revenue

  • 24%Improvement in skill efficiency

  • 35%Increase in knowledge proficiency

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