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Upcoming Events


ATD Sell

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Dates: November 6-7, 2018

ATD’s SELL Conference is a 1.5-day event that will focus on learning and leadership approaches to equip internal practitioners in building a fully integrated sales enablement practice. Contact us if you would like to connect at the conference!


Webinar: Prospecting in a Noisy World

Customers are busy. Increasing competition and internal priorities battle for their attention. Sales professionals don’t need to be louder — they need to change their pitch.

In Richardson’s webinar, Prospecting in a Noisy World, we reveal how effective sales professionals are generating more leads with clear messaging that is relevant to today’s business challenges. We’ll look at:

  • A step-by-step approach to gain the appointment with potential customers
  • The three ways to coalesce support among a group of decision makers
  • How to develop outcome-based messaging that demonstrates credibility
  • A strategy for helping customers overcome the status quo

Click here to register.