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sales technology

Sales Technology

Digital learning and sales enablement solutions to drive selling agility

Close the Gap Between Sales Training and Sales Execution

Our sales training technology tools help your team stay ahead of rapidly shifting markets by delivering an accelerated performance journey. Digital training content engages learners without disrupting productivity, integrated CRM tools embed best practices into your team's workflow, and analytics provide real-time measurement of performance results and training ROI.

Digital Sales Training Tools

Richardson's best-in-class sales technology connects skills training to the real world your reps live in enabling rapid adoption of new skills and behaviors in the field to drive immediate results.

sales technology
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Our QuickCheck sales training technology reinforces key concepts via your team’s mobile devices to support continuous improvement in only 3 minutes per day, 3 days per week.

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We offer a connected approach that makes sense of data from various sources and ties it to business outcomes – enabling managers to track progress in real-time and make adjustments that impact deals in flight.

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Accelerate provides a digital learning experience that uses assessments, video, gamification, and bite-sized modules to build sales competencies.

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Accelerate Flow is where learning extends into the flow of work to cement new behaviors into lasting ones. CRM-enabled workflow tools embed best practices, learned skills, and in-the-moment coaching into the natural flow of work. Data from tool usage feeds back into the Insights engine to further enhance recommendations and measure the impact of behavior change in the field

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Accelerate Live is where personalized feedback, coaching, and real-world practice take sellers to their next level of performance. Building upon digital learning, virtual and live workshops advance the behavior change cycle. Our facilitators ensure your sellers are challenged, engaged, and leave better than when they entered.

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Accelerate Insights is the engine of the Accelerate Sales Performance System. It aggregates data across your RevTech stack to deliver focused, personalized, ongoing capability development that connects business metrics to the selling behaviors that influence them.

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Accelerate Learn transforms the Richardson Sales Capability Framework into world-class digital learning. Personal learning recommendations are delivered based on real-time performance metrics and capability assessments.

Using Sales Performance Technology to Enable Sales Success

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