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Real-world relevancy drives adoption and results for our corporate sales training clients. Take your team's training to the next level by accessing our industry specific expertise.

Expertise in Any Environment

Over the past 40 years, Richardson Sales Performance has built customized, corporate sales training solutions for the world’s most admired global companies. Our highly customized approach allows us to gain deep access into each industry’s unique market drivers and selling challenges. We’ve interviewed thousands of high-performing sales leaders and sales professionals and consistently incorporate relevant industry learnings across our customer base.

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Healthcare Sales Training Programs

Explore sales training solutions specifically designed to empower healthcare sales professionals to thrive in today's changing environment.

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Financial Services Sales Training

Financial services organizations need to transform their business models, performance objectives, and incentives to add long term value for customers. Richardson Sales Performance's sales training for financial services and banking sales professionals builds skills that build trust with customers and increase market share.

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Retail Banking Sales Training

Research shows that more than two-thirds of financial services leaders think they are at risk of losing business to FinTech companies. To overcome this challenge retail banks must access the full potential of their service professionals. This group is uniquely positioned to render a dimensional picture of the customer’s needs to outpace "context-blind" fintech data. Richardson Sales Performance's retail banking training programs help participants deliver unexpected value for customers by building a new mindset in which exceptional customer service involves positioning additional solutions.

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Insurance Sales Training Programs

The insurance industry is in flux. Rapid changes in demographics, disruptive technology advances, over-regulation, and the entrance of financial services companies into the market are presenting significant risks and opportunities for growth throughout the industry. Richardson Sales Performance helps insurance sales teams develop a customer-focused strategy that differentiates providers from the competition.

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Software, Technology & IT Sales Training

Nowhere is change more visible and more rapid than in the technology industry. The diversity of players encompasses established firms and newly emerging startups, niche players and comprehensive solution providers, as well as both software developers and hardware manufacturers. Richardson Sales Performance helps technology firms take proactive steps to adapt to industry shifts, building sales teams that thrive over the long term and increase revenue.

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Consumer Packaged Goods Sales Training

Sales channels today operate at breakneck speed. Rushed shoppers want instant gratification and value. To meet these demands, retailers have entered an analytics arms race in which competitors seek to distill insights from constantly flowing data. This environment has left many consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses wondering how their roles will develop in response to these trends. Our CPG sales training programs identify the unique challenges facing CPG sales clients’ businesses and customize solutions for overcoming them.

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Manufacturing & Industrial Sales Training

Manufacturing and industrial companies have done a good job improving efficiencies and cutting costs to better the bottom line. But, it’s top line growth that raises the bar. The simple solution is to sell more to more customers. Yet, few manufacturing companies have invested in the kind of consultative sales training that changes the conversation and reframes opportunities. This is where Richardson Sales Performance can help by training manufacturing industry sales professionals in effective ways to connect, collaborate, and

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Media and Advertising Sales Training

The Media and Advertising industry represents some of the biggest challenges in selling today. The scale and complexity of most sales require a dialogue covering nuanced ROI measurements, varied channels, and changing target demographics. Richardson Sales Performance's sales training programs teach sellers to overcome these challenges by employing a consultative approach. Consultative Selling works within this industry because it offers sellers a way to navigate complexities unseen in other businesses. Every sale is different, but the way to get there is the same. A dialogue-driven process offers the customization that the customer needs.

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Professional Services Sales Training

Learn how our professional services sales training programs help our clients meet increased customer expectations to drive performance at scale.

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Retail Sales Training

Investing in a retail sales training program will build a competitive advantage for your retail operation over online vendors. Retail companies investing more in sales training programs achieve greater profits than competitors. Unfortunately, many are cutting costs in retail selling skills training. Some retail stores have gone even further. They have chosen to fire experienced sales professionals who command higher pay. Retail sales training programs show professionals how to deliver a better customer service experience. Often, customers are in a store because they seek solutions from a professional. Therefore, the professional must be prepared to serve customers by first understanding their needs.

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Telecommunications Sales Training

Understanding how to sell telecommunications effectively means preparing for an increasingly competitive industry. Learn about our telecommunications sales training programs.

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Featured Training Programs