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Introducing Richardson Sales Performance Accelerate: An Innovative Approach to Sales Training

Today’s learners don’t compare their training experiences to other training experiences. They compare them to all other formal and informal learning they have had, both in person and online.

Expectations of training programs have changed significantly, and we now have to benchmark our offerings against a wider set of information sources, from other training programs, online universities and educational products, to YouTube, Google, and massive open online courses known as MOOCs.

Richardson Sales Performance Accelerate Raises the Bar for Online Sales Training Programs

Accelerate is an online learning platform designed to inspire sellers and accelerate growth. We believe the Richardson Sales Performance Accelerate Platform provides an innovative, sales training solution that is unmatched in the industry.

Within a single platform, learners can access an effective system for rapid and sustained behavior change that provides an enhanced user experience designed to be among the best. Learning opportunities are available anytime, anywhere, on desktops or mobile devices, reflecting the way people are increasingly accessing information in today’s digital world.

Richardson Sales Performance’s newest and most technologically advanced sales training delivery solution provides value to clients in two essential ways:

  • Accelerate time to skill mastery: Sellers get to learn on demand on their devices on their own time anywhere in the world, then try the skills in the field. Learning is reinforced with tools, reminders, and games so they become engaged and actually enjoy the process.
  • Accelerate time to results: By streamlining the training and reducing the number of days spent away from the field, sellers can put what they’ve learned into immediate practice — and see results faster.

Accelerate Platform Features

Accelerate’s adaptive learning platform contains everything the learner needs to develop high-impact selling skills.

  • Online pre-course assessments and real-time performance evaluations track the learners progress as they advance through the program highlighting areas in need of improvement and adjusting the participants individualized learning plan to help them focus on improving in those areas.
  • Just-in-time video-enriched learning modules teach foundational and advanced concepts – inspiring sellers to go from good to great!
  • Competitive gaming features and social tools make learning fun by creating an interactive experience where sellers can challenge their colleagues while reinforcing training concepts.
  • Manager dashboards provide insights that support ongoing sales coaching and performance improvement.
  • The Accelerate platform can be utilized as a standalone solution or in combination with instructor-led skill-building workshops that focus on bringing lessons to life through role plays, case studies, and other activities with professional sales trainers.

Achieving rapid and sustained behavior change in sales organizations is about more than just conveying information and measuring completion. It’s about teaching sellers new ways to think, helping them apply new skills, and developing effective new behaviors that lead to powerful new habits. For today’s multi generational workforce, this means taking a next-generation approach to training and development. Technology is key to bridging the gap, helping learners accelerate their time to skill mastery and accelerate their time to better sales results.

About the Author

Chris Tiné is SVP and Chief Product Officer at Richardson, and leads the company’s product development and innovation activities, including global responsibility for Content, Instructional Design, Facilitation, Measurement, and Digital.Prior to joining Richardson, Chris was VP of Product Development at TwentyEighty Strategy Execution (formerly ESI International and IPS Learning) and Head of Product Solutions at Macmillan Learning where he led a full redesign of the company’s higher education interactive courseware products.Chris brings together expertise in digital consumer and education products with a background in media production. From 2007 – 2013 he worked at NBC News as a digital content producer and digital product leader. He helped launch and NBC Learn – the company’s first digital education businesses – and was tapped in 2011 as Head of Digital for NBC News Education Nation where responsibilities included websites, blogs, social media, interactive journalism and content partnerships.Chris is the recipient of a 2010 Emmy Award for digital video, 4 Emmy nominations, and a 2012 Webby Award. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, an M.Phil. from the University of Cambridge, and a BA from Bates College.

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