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The Positioning a Price Increase program gives sales teams the skills to increase, or maintain profitability within existing relationships in a rising cost environment.

Introducing Sprint Selling™, an agile selling methodology that helps you and your sales team understand buyers’ changing needs and act quickly to win.

The Sprint Prospecting training program equips your sales professionals with an agile approach to targeting, messaging, and engaging high-potential prospects to develop relationships and pursue new business opportunities with existing or new customers.

This training program teaches a customer-focused approach for planning and executing sales calls. Your team learns to engage customers in needs-based dialogues that build credibility, enable better problem solving, and foster customer openness to uncover critical information needed to position a compelling solution that differentiates your team.

The Solution Selling® training program provides sellers with a clear map that the right things will be accomplished in the right manner. at the right time, with the right buyers, resulting in increased sales productivity and revenues.

Empower your sales team to more effectively engage customers in virtual meetings. This program equips salespeople with the skills and techniques to increase credibility, create connection, foster openness, and build trust in a virtual setting to drive momentum and win sales opportunities.

The Six Critical Skills training program helps your team build the soft selling skills they need to help them open more doors, better understand customer needs, and position more value.

Richardson's negotiations training program teaches your team to achieve win-win outcomes by applying the sales skills and strategies needed to effectively justify value, protect price, and preserve valuable customer relationships.

The key to a successful channel sales partnership is satisfying mutual business objectives. This takes a commitment to developing a shared vision, strong communication, and flexibility to continuously adapt to change.  It also takes solid business and selling skills to build loyalty and become a true channel partner.

The Intentional Pursuit Strategy program teaches your sales team to think and act strategically when pursuing complex sales opportunities to increase their chances of winning and shorten the sales cycle.

Richardson's advanced sales training program teaches a collection of models, skills, and techniques to teach your sales team how to engage customers in high-risk, high-reward dialogues to advance alignment, drive momentum, and win more high value deals.

This training program teaches your team to apply a consistent, customer-centric approach to identifying priority accounts, capturing and analyzing critical information, and developing a strategy to find the white space within key accounts so that your team and customers prosper.

The Consultative Inside Sales training program teaches inside sales professionals to quickly build rapport and keep the customer engaged over the phone. It builds the skills and strategy professionals need to uncover customer needs, add value, and close more business.

The Storytelling sales training program teaches your team the process and skills to tell a compelling story that makes an emotional connection with customers, draws their attention to an important issue, and inspires and motivates them to act.

The Team Selling training program teaches your sales reps to build and drive high-performing selling squads that demonstrate cross-functional expertise, connect with all levels of customer stakeholders, and consistently outsell the competition.

The Sales Presentation skills training program helps your sales team more effectively win business by delivering a consultative, customer-focused presentation that has impact, is memorable, brings value and actively involves customers.

The Evidence-Based Solution Selling® (EBSS®) training program teaches your team to help their healthcare provider clients solve problems based on clinical evidence using a repeatable methodology, clinical selling skills, and tools to provide the customer experience that healthcare providers expect.

Solution Messaging training helps marketing teams change their mindset from a product and feature-centric perspective to one that emphasizes the value of solutions for customers’ problems and critical business issues.

The Sales Territory Management training program equips your team with an approach to help them focus on how to segment a territory by analyzing geography and prioritizing current customers and prospects.

The Developmental Sales Coaching training program teaches your sales managers how to transform their role from being the expert who directs and tells to being a coach who develops their team and inspires increased self motivation to learn, change, and improve results.

The Sales & Pipeline Management training program teaches your sales managers to more accurately predict revenue and close gaps in their team's pipelines.

This program provides customer service representatives with the process, skill, and attitude to effectively and efficiently lead customer calls while identifying opportunities and cues to provide further value and sell additional products and solutions.

The Enhanced Service for Retail Banking program helps retail banking professionals shift their mindset to view sales as a way to add additional value to the customer, and position additional services and products as part of the solution.

What People Are Saying

Definitely the best management training I've experienced in media. Really appreciate the opportunity to grow my skill set and bring more value to iProspect as a result!

Account Director, IProspect

The business impact see after Richardson Sales Performance training is that we have account managers who can now address additional markets. And for us, this a good success because we really want to take market share in new markets.

Alex Tisserand, Managing Director, Sales Enablement, Waters

The sales team is happy to engage in training because they’re seeing the results that come with consultative selling practices. They are not doing it just to check the box. They’re doing it because it works!

Sales Leader, Tyson

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Sales Training Program Details

We deliver premium professional sales training programs that use a “learning-by-doing” training methodology, actively engaging participants in role playing, problem solving, brainstorming, and individual and team exercises. Throughout the training, participants receive intensive coaching and feedback. The combination of application, facilitator and peer feedback, and self-assessment ensures participants experience the full benefits of the program.

A key part of our philosophy is that effective sales training is built upon the premise that participants are not blank slates. Your team members are respected for what they bring to the training. We utilize a Socratic approach of questioning to earn buy-in before we build models and teach learning points.

Building momentum to the close of a sale while preserving the bottom line requires a strategy that takes place before, during, and after the sales call. Richardson Sales Performance offers programs like Intentional Pursuit Strategy to train sales reps on building an intentional plan to engage their customers. These programs combined with those that focus on the dialogue during the sales call like Consultative Selling build a powerful solution for improved sales performance.

We also offer programs for sales managers to support your efforts to build a culture for sales coaching and drive continuous improvement.