Win Opportunities Program Descriptions

Pursuing and winning opportunities can take a significant amount of time, money, and resources.


Today, your team needs to have the insight, processes, and skills to initiate, control, negotiate, and win the opportunities you cannot afford to lose.

In the Win Opportunities part of Richardson’s Sales Effectiveness System, our solutions help build the skills and strategies that equip your people to: Plan, Explore, Present, Negotiate, and Close deals.

Richardson offers the following curriculum to help your team Win Opportunities. Click on one of the following highlighted links for a closer look, or contact Richardson to learn more.

Consultative Selling Skills

Richardson’s Consultative Selling Skills Program takes an in-depth look at the critical structure of a sales call or client meeting and provides a powerful roadmap for a successful, need-based dialogue.  The program provides participants with two “sales roadmap” tools, the Consultative Selling Framework and Richardson’s Six Critical Skills to enable salespeople at every level to more effectively execute their sales conversations. The Consultative Selling Framework provides salespeople with a consistent, repeatable process for conducting an effective sales dialogue. The Six Critical Skills fuel and support the Framework, empowering salespeople to leverage their technical excellence and use every sales skill available to open more doors, better understand client needs, and close more deals.   
High Performance SellingTM  

The High Performance SellingTM solution addresses the tougher and more competitive selling environment created by customers demanding more value, speed and control of the process. The High Performance SellingTM solution is a powerful combination of sales methodology, training, and sustainment to accelerate behavior change leading to more consistent and higher levels of performance. It enables business-to-business sellers to identify more opportunities in their existing accounts and with prospects and provides the tactics and strategy to pursue and win competitive deals.  


Advanced Consultative Selling


Richardson’s Advanced Consultative Selling Program adds a deeper dimension of analytical thought to the sales process by providing the skills and strategies to win complex deals while selling deeper into existing accounts.  Participants learn actionable dialogue models and apply them to highly customized scenarios aimed at closing more business more quickly.  For example, the program builds skills at asking a wider range of questions, resolving price objections while preserving price and terms, and cross-selling to grow accounts.  Participants learn to tactfully leverage clients as a key source for competitive information as well as how to more persuasively position their strengths and capabilities against competitors.  Participants also learn how to more effectively navigate a client's decision-making process by uncovering key drivers and uptiering strategies to sell higher and wider into an organization.  


Selling to Executives


Richardson’s Selling to Executives helps sales professionals build relationships and sell more effectively to executives in the C-Suite.  The program helps participants think more analytically about the characteristics of senior executives, how they process information, and what’s most important to them as they make buying decisions.  Participants then work to align their own communication and sales styles accordingly.  As a key tool, participants learn a six-phase process for orchestrating the executive meeting or presentation and practice applying the process in highly customized scenarios.  Participants also practice strategic skills such as gaining access, securing key meetings, leveraging Centers of Influence, uptiering, cross-selling, and positioning value, all with the goal of being perceived over time by senior decision makers as trusted advisors and preferred providers.


Cross Selling


Richardson’s Cross-selling Program teaches the analytical process and business skills to keep current relationships strong and uncover opportunities that may not be readily apparent.  Participants strengthen their ability to engage in strategic dialogues, leverage the full resources of their team, and successfully implement an individual/team cross-selling strategy.  Participants practice highly customized scenarios to more creatively think about a client’s needs and identify a broader range of opportunities, gain higher and wider access into a client organization, set strategic meetings, more effectively position a cross-sell idea, and implement a “we” vs. “I” sales strategy.  The result of the training is a two-dimensional view of cross-selling — understanding how to cross-sell within a client’s organization as well as how to internally obtain resources, prepare specialists, sell as a team, debrief, and win the business.


Team Selling


Richardson’s Team Selling Program teaches “team excellence from the inside out” by providing the process and skills that help teams efficiently and successfully operate to pursue additional client business.  It teaches Relationship Managers the critical mechanics of first identifying and gaining the commitment of the right team members who will invest the technical expertise and time to win the added business, and post-sale will deliver value and expand the relationship.  It also gives the Relationship Manager the skills to “lead without authority,” since he or she often brings senior specialists into the account, and resolve any team member conflicts or competing priorities while creating creative strategic account plans across the client organization.  The Program helps the entire team to “gel” through a Team Meeting Framework that teaches the powerful nuances of how a team call is different from the Consultative Framework of a solo sales call, and provides highly customized scenarios for how to strategically prepare for the client meeting, brainstorm the client’s full range of needs, and build a collaborative, client-focused solution.  


Winning Sales Presentations


Richardson’s Winning Sales Presentations Program helps salespeople and their teams win business by delivering a consultative, client-focused presentation that actively involves clients.  This interactive approach helps a salesperson validate, continuously throughout the presentation, how the client perceives the overall message, solution, and team, while uncovering objections and gauging how well they are differentiating from the competition.  This two-way dialogue enables any adjustments to be made immediately during the presentation to generate more positive win rates while allowing for objections to be resolved and questions to be answered.  Participants learn to manage nervousness and enhance delivery and learn a Presentation Framework to more effectively craft a persuasive message matched to client needs.  The course content is highly customized to real-life sales challenges, and participants can be videotaped for intensive one-on-one coaching and feedback.


Consultative Negotiations


Richardson’s Consultative Negotiations Program provides the process, skills, and tools to negotiate win-win deals, strengthen long-term relationships, and avoid leaving money on the table.  Participants learn a Negotiation Framework for structuring the dialogue from Preparation through the Close and increase skill at strategically seeing the negotiation through the eyes of the client as they Convert Demands to Needs and learn to probe more deeply to understand what is driving the client’s priorities and personal agenda.  Once these needs are uncovered and understood, participants use Value Justification to create a win-win outcome by establishing their worth while avoiding concessions.


Telephone Selling

Consultative Telephone Selling helps telephone Sales Representatives to maximize telephone sales opportunities by strengthening the skills needed to engage customers, build relationships, and close sales. The program is tailored for both inbound and outbound reps and focuses on a framework for a consultative telephone sale, from opening through the close.  

Strategic Opportunity Management


Richardson’s Strategic opportunity Management Program helps sales professionals to grow and protect key accounts by taking a thorough, end-to-end look at every aspect of the relationship.  As Prework to the program, participants complete a detailed Strategic Relationship Planner for an existing account.  During the program, participants use the Prework to develop an Account Plan by applying a thought provoking, highly detailed Strategic Account Management Process called FASTER.  Once the Account Plans are drafted, participants deliver their plans to the group and receive feedback.  The Program content can be fully integrated with your CRM and other account planning tools.


Selling With Insights


Richardson’s Selling with Insights™ is a customized sales training solution that teaches your sales reps advanced preparation techniques and dialogue skills to effectively present insights, create needs and shape the customer’s thinking, add more value, differentiate your solution, and build credibility as a trusted business partner. Richardson’s Selling with Insights™ program specifically targets modes of selling that we have identified in our work with top clients and industry experts, especially Create and Shape.  In these modes, reps share insights, but what they share and how they share it depends on the appropriate response to the buyer’s location in their process.  The goal in each mode is to increase your ability to influence decisions and win. Depending on how it is customized, Selling with Insights™ is a one-to-two day program that includes pre- and post-work, learning sessions, planners, coaching and a post-learning reinforcement tool, Richardson QuickCheck™. The Selling with Insights™ also incorporates Richardson’s proven Insight Framework™ which helps reps systematically create tailor, and communicate compelling insights. 


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