Generate Opportunities Descriptions

As business environments become more and more competitive, it is critical that your sales teams proactively fill their sales funnels with both short- and long-term opportunities. In the generating opportunities part of Richardson’s Sales Effectiveness System, our solutions will help build the skills and strategies that enable your sales people to: Strategize, Target, Connect, Prospect, and Validate critical sales opportunities.

Strategic Prospecting

Richardson’s Strategic Prospecting Program helps salespeople develop the three most critical components to successful prospecting:  (1) the skill to have a need-based dialogue with an executive that immediately begins to differentiate you and your organization and persuasively position your value; (2) the strategic insight to develop an effective Prospecting Plan; and (3) the confidence and discipline to execute the Plan.  Participants learn a Prospecting Model that serves as a roadmap for an executive conversation and work through the psychology that drives each part of the Model so they can more realistically “think like a prospect.”  Highly customized cases and exercises simulate the exact prospecting challenges salespeople face in their individual organizations to increase the potential for securing a meeting with an executive on the first contact.


Prospecting With Insights


To help provide sales professionals with a consistent strategy, framework, and skills to improve prospecting efficiency, Richardson has developed Prospecting with Insights™. Prospecting with Insights is a two day sales training solution that uses company-specific and relevant insights to capture interest, earn credibility, and encourage prospects to think about their situations and challenges in a new way. Highly-customized cases and exercises simulate the exact prospecting challenges salespeople face in their individual organizations to increase the potential for securing a meeting with a prospect on the first contact, or earning the right to nurture the prospect until they are ready to address the challenges you’ve exposed.

Gaining Referrals  
Richardson’s Gaining Referrals Program provides the process and skills to make asking for referrals a key component of an organization’s pursuit strategy.  The Program helps participants overcome reluctance, stretch out of their comfort zone, and create a proactive, confident perspective.  Participants develop referral strategies and build tailored action plans using every available networking source such as current relationships, Centers of Influence, internal relationships, social networks, and web-based sources.  They apply a six-step Referral Framework that builds dialogue skill, persuasively sets the stage by building on current trust and satisfaction, and effectively probes to gain insight and information on the referral.  Through highly customized scenarios, participants practice managing objections, whether they are routed in hesitancy or refusal, and making a second effort to ensure success at gaining the referral.    
Time Management  
Richardson’s Time Management Program teaches business professionals how to be more balanced and effective, both professionally and personally, by enhancing the skills and process used each day to juggle priorities and manage key projects. Participants learn how to better allocate time to the myriad of tasks needing attention in a day, manage unexpected interruptions and conflicting priorities, stop procrastinating, learn to say “no” to clients and colleagues when it’s warranted, and develop a goal-setting and planning strategy tailored by individual styles and circumstances.  This practical, highly focused, skill-driven seminar provides a variety of time management tools and worksheets so that participants can quickly apply the methodologies and start improving business results immediately.  The scenarios and role plays are completely customized to your organization so that you practice solving time management challenges that are relevant, realistic, and tailored to meeting your business objectives.  
Selling Through a Channel Partner  
Richardson’s Selling Through a Channel Partner Program builds the skills to create collaborative, profitable relationships.  Participants learn to analyze the partner organization, its key players, and its individual needs with the goal of differentiating themselves at the top of the Partner Relationship Pyramid as a Strategic Partner, vs. being perceived as a less valued technical expert or product provider.  Through highly customized scenarios, participants build skill in key aspects of channel management such as leveraging meetings as a platform for enhancing credibility and value, building trust and key relationships, reaching the highest level of decision makers without alienating current contacts, and engaging an executive level decision maker in a robust, partner-focused discussion that will uncover key objectives. Participants will also create a Partner Action Plan to more effectively manage all partner relationships, prioritize investments across multiple vendors, enable information sharing across account teams, and increase long-term stability and growth.  
 Product Knowledge Profiles  
Richardson develops product-specific Richardson Product Profiles™ as easy-to-access, up-to-date product knowledge tools. Product Profiles ensure Sales Professionals have the sales-oriented product knowledge needed to recognize sales opportunities and position solutions not only for their own product areas, but also for their organization’s full platform of services. Product Profiles are based on a framework and format designed by Richardson and includes categories such as Key Questions to Ask, What to Listen For, Objections/Responses and Competitive Information, Key and Differentiating Features and Benefits, Implementation Steps, Who to Contact, and Success Stories, as well as a system for collecting competitive data from the sales force.  

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