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A Wider Set of Sales Capabilities Builds Agility

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    The World's Top Sales Organizations Work with Richardson Sales Performance to Build Critical Selling Capabilities


    Building Selling Skills to Engage the Modern Buyer

    In today’s dynamic business environment, sales professionals need a wider range of capabilities to deliver the information and support their buyers need to make decisions. There is no single competency that drives this ability — rather, it is a collection of behaviors and skills across the selling process that needs to be honed and mastered.

    Each of these capabilities falls into one of four categories:

      • Create Opportunities
      • Win Pursuits
      • Negotiate Mutually Beneficial Outcomes
      • Grow Relationships & Accounts

    sales skills and capabilities

    These four segments represent the areas in which sales professionals need to be proficient throughout the sales cycle. These capabilities also prepare professionals to sell to both logic and emotion, an increasingly important part of compelling groups of stakeholders to purchase.

    Why Richardson Sales Performance

    At Richardson Sales Performance we know what a mature, large, global sales organization should look like and how it should operate. Our resources and curriculum are both broad and deep. In addition, our new digital learning platform allows for this innovative and rich content to be broken down and parsed any way our trainers need to in order to add value to your team’s training. To put it simply, we have built a system that offers easy access into the most innovative and useful sales performance educational materials available.

    Richardson Sales Performance accomplishes successful role-based sales training through the use of learning journeys for each role, which are created and customized for your organization by our team. The journeys are coupled with prioritized implementation plans based on our assessments and your unique needs. Not only is our training steeped in role-centric curriculum, but we utilize research and data to ensure that the programs align with the learners’ needs to create observable, measurable progress.

    Let’s get started with your team’s sales capabilities training today.

    Richardson Sales Performance

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    Partner with a global leader in sales performance improvement. Accelerate your growth by ensuring your sales managers are executing the right activities and equipping your sales team with the skills they need to exceed customer expectations.

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