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sales training customization services

Our Approach to Customised Sales Training

Our industry-leading approach to customisation ensures your training programme is relevant to your sellers world. Making lessons learned in training immediately applicable in the field.

Sales Training Solutions Built to Match Your Team's Needs

Sales teams choose to partner with us because our competitors aren't able to match our depth of customisation. Richardson stands out because our experienced and talented instructional designers and time-tested processes make the challenging task of building an effective sales training solution seem easy.

We take a role-based approach to building sales competencies focused on connecting learning concepts and role-plays to your seller's real-world challenges. A variety of delivery options and a global facilitator network ensure we can support your learning goals in the face of logistical challenges. Our solutions have been recognised time and again by top accrediting bodies including; Gartner, Forrester, Training Industry, SellingPower, and Brandon Hall.

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Richardson's Customisation Process

We begin by conducting a series of stakeholder interviews, most often with senior executives, frontline sales managers, and top-performing sales professionals. This helps us get a clear understanding of your strategy and culture and explore your specific needs.

The stakeholder interviews guide the creation and delivery of your custom sales training solution. Richardson Sales Performance's process for building customized sales training programmes ensures we:

  • Define and target the critical selling behaviours your organisation needs to drive success
  • Facilitate driving buy-in across your leadership and management teams to drive real change
  • Drive alignment and accountability to ensure we meet deadlines and deliver the desired outcomes
  • Define a measurement plan that is tied to your most important metrics
  • Ensure skill sustainment with digital tools that reinforce learning and workflow tools that embed best practises into your seller's everyday routine
  • Deliver engaging and relevant learning materials that inspire your sales team to push harder in trying new approaches and growing their skills to raise the bar in front of your customers


The outcome of the due diligence and interviews is a solution blueprint. The blueprint serves two purposes:

  1. It ensures you're confident we understand your business and sales situations
  2. It explicitly outlines the recommended learning journey, measurement, and sustainment strategy.

Throughout the process, we gather feedback and validate our recommendations to ensure we're in lockstep with your thinking. This feedback loop flows into the development of final learning materials so you can be sure the training solution we deliver moves the needle.

connected selling training curriculum

Connected Selling Curriculum™ Brochure

Explore our full curriculum of sales training content.


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