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Accelerate Learn

Transform the Richardson Sales Capability Framework in World-class Digital Learning

Close Performance Gaps with Capability Development

Accelerate Learn transforms the Richardson Sales Capability Framework into world-class digital learning.

Each capability is underpinned by specific selling behaviours that map to modular, high-impact digital learning assets. Personal learning recommendations are delivered based on real-time performance metrics and capability assessments.

Accelerate Learn uses a unique architecture that delivers content across multiple formats including video-based modules, knowledge checks, assessments, and real-world practice scenarios to deliver optimum outcomes. Sellers and managers learn best practices from Richardson’s deep, broad, and proven curriculum that has been curated over 45 years, is science-backed, and isolates the skills needed to improve results and reduce the duration of the sales cycle.

Richardson's Sales Capability Framework

Richardson’s Sales Capability Framework is a collection of 55 sales behaviours that sellers need to master to be effective in commercial selling. These individual behaviours are organised into 15 capabilities.

The framework ensures sellers are successful in the following three key areas of sales:

  • Sales methods: the capabilities sellers must employ to execute your sales standards, guidelines, and methodology
  • Sales motions: the capabilities sellers must employ to execute the sales process in creating, capturing, and growing business
  • Sales meetings: the capabilities sellers must employ to effectively engage their buyers
graphic of richardson's sales capability framework that is made up of 15 sales capabilities supported by 55 sales behaviors

Improve Individual and Team Performance with Personalised Learning Journeys

With Accelerate Learn your leaders will see their teams engaging in their own development and building relevant skills that are immediately applicable in the field. Customers will get more value from their interactions with the team, and the team’s overall performance will lift as continuous capability development and upskilling become the norm. Your sellers will engage in highly relevant, personalised learning. They will learn the science behind their buyers’ and their own behaviours and how to use agile skills to lead buyers through a dynamic buying journey. They will experience interactive digital modules that will engage them and make learning interesting and valuable use of their time.

accelerate sales performance system overview

Brochure: The NEW Accelerate Sales Performance System

Download a complimentary brochure outlining Richardson's game-changing new solution that uses your data to inform personalised learning journeys for your team.


Solution Features

  • Capability Framework

    Build the capabilities your team needs to be effective in commercial selling. Ensuring your sellers are successful in their sales methods, motions, and meetings.

  • Modular Content

    Develop your team with precision by mapping desired selling behaviours to modular digital learning content recommended by the Insights engine based on real-time performance and assessments.

  • Digital Learning

    Deliver content across multiple formats including video-based modules, knowledge checks, assessments, and real-world practice scenarios to ensure optimum outcomes.

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