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Richardson Accelerate™ Sales Performance Platform

An online sales training platform that helps your team learn at the speed of sales.

Learn, Apply, Win, Repeat

Today's organisations face unprecedented market changes, and many sales teams struggle to adapt and succeed. Introducing Richardson’s Accelerate™ Sales Performance Platform, a sales learning platform that will help your team develop and apply the right selling skills at the right moment to win the sale. Richardson Accelerate uses a Learn – Practice – Apply – Coach model to support training and skill retention with an easy-to-use interface. The platform's unique learning architecture builds consistent skills across diverse sales teams, engaging professionals of all backgrounds and selling styles.

Richardson Accelerate uses a simplified learn–practice–apply–coach structure to support learning. Check out the interactive video below to experience the platform for yourself!

Click here to download the white paper - Learn, Apply, Win, Repeat with the Accelerate Sales Performance Platform

Learn Sales Skills, then Put Them into Practice

The Accelerate Sales Performance Platform uses assessments, videos, gamification, and bite-sized training modules to help every member of your team build skills to drive measurable behavior change across your organisation.

Best of all, Accelerate includes a suite of CRM-enabled workflow tools to ensure concepts learned in training can be immediately integrated into your seller's flow of work, helping them improve performance in the field. This integrated approach of learning and application effectively transfers acquired skills to in-pursuit deals that are critical to driving revenue.



  • Digestible Content: Microbursts of learning through a variety of formats engage sellers and make training less of a chore.
  • Integrated Assessments: Quick surveys integrate into lessons as a pulse check to make sure sellers are tracking with the lesson.



  • Interactive Lessons: Video-based questions, gamification, and simulations of real-life selling scenarios help sellers build confidence.
  • Knowledge Check: Short surveys evaluate how skills are improving as sellers complete modules and show progress toward mastering critical skills.



  • Immediate Impact: Bring learning and doing together in one place for an efficient approach to training that improves knowledge retention.
  • Helpful Tools: Access tools and templates to apply your knowledge with actual clients and opportunities. Additional workflow tools are included with our Sprint Selling training programme that helps your team transition learned skills into opportunity pursuit and account management actions within your CRM to drive lasting behaviour change. Learn more about our CRM tools.

screenshot of the opportunity pursuit crm tool


  • Recommended Next Steps: Custom recommendations and real-time tips help sellers plan their next best move while following established best practices.
  • Manager Dashboards: Leadership insights into client interactions and account progress to identify areas for coaching to build capabilities.
accelerate sales manager dashboard


  • Baseline & Final Check: Establish a baseline on current proficiencies and track performance over time. Compare to your organisation and industry benchmarks.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Easily track team progress and tie skill development to real business outcomes.

With Accelerate, your sales organisation benefits from a universal approach to learning. In this setting, sellers work together more cohesively, coaching is aligned to a clear framework, and the progress of each pursuit becomes clear.

Sales Leaders Love Richardson Accelerate

The Accelerate Sales Performance Platform has helped more than 3 million sales pros across hundreds of golbal organisations rapidly build skills and apply them directly to customer interactions.

accelerate - online sales training programs

Brochure: Accelerate Sales Performance Platform

Learn more about Richardson Accelerate, the sales performance platform at the heart of our blended learning training solution.


The Accelerate Advantage

  • Empowered Sellers

    Drive real changes in behaviour with relevant, ongoing training that builds consistency in skills across your organisation

  • Faster Results

    Close skills gaps and reduce time to productivity by enabling sellers to learn, practice, and apply skills in their everyday activities

  • Greater Visibility

    Gain visibility into your team’s strengths and weaknesses to tailor coaching and training where it will be most beneficial

  • Measurable Impact

    Tie learning to revenue with better insights into how your investment in sales training directly impacts your bottom line

Alt text

Our Impact

  • 12%5-12% Increase in Revenue

  • 24%Improvement in skill efficiency

  • 35%Increase in knowledge proficiency

  • 900Global Clients

  • 3.5M+Individuals Trained

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