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sales skill assessments

Sales Skill Assessments

Clarity on where your team is today and where you need to go

Our broad suite of assessments will help your organisation achieve its sales goals by providing insight into strengths and development needs at multiple levels of the organisation. Our different assessments identify the specific topics that an individual sales professional, sales team, or an entire Sales function should prioritise for development. Our competency assessments indicate current levels of effectiveness on sales and sales management competencies that apply across the entire sales cycle. We also offer programme-based assessments for individual training programmes that indicate baseline and post-training skill levels. In addition, we offer an organisation-level assessment that determines the effectiveness of your Sales function on multiple topics that drive your organisation’s overall revenue engine. Each of these assessments provides powerful insight into the development priorities that must be addressed to achieve your goals.

Competency-based Assessments

Our competency-based assessments can help identify development needs by role for your sales team. As such, these assessments are powerful tools in creating a sales academy for your organisation. Typically taking 45-60 minutes to complete, these are scenario-based assessments completed solely by the person being assessed. Reports are available for each individual participant and groups of individuals based on reporting hierarchy, business unit, geographic region, and any other grouping criteria specifically relevant to your sales team.

Programme-based Assessments

Our programme-specific assessments are often used to establish a pre-training baseline for each participant, followed several months later by a post-training skill improvement measurement. Each person being assessed receives a detailed report each time they complete the assessment, and aggregate reports are available for groups of individuals, as well. Most programme-specific assessments include comparisons to benchmark scores from our global database. These assessments typically require 30-45 minutes to complete.

Organisation-level Assessments

The effectiveness of your sales team depends in part on how well the entire sales function operates. Our organisation-level assessment focuses on multiple topics that directly impact the effectiveness of your sales team, including account and territory planning, sales process, solution messaging, opportunity execution, sales skills, sales management skills, and technology-enablement, among others. This assessment is typically conducted through a combination of interviews and/or digital surveys, and results are shared with sales leadership.

sales skill assessments

SkillGauge Sales Assessment Brochure

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