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sales coaching services

Coaching Services

Coaching tools built to ensure the right behaviours are repeated consistently throughout the sales organisation.

Coaching Services

Sales coaching is the key to sales success and improving the performance of the sales organisation. It is the most important job a sales manager has. Yet, shifting priorities and everyday challenges distract managers from coaching their teams. Just as changing sales behaviours requires regular and structured reinforcement, so does changing the coaching behaviours of managers. It is critically important that your sales managers are committed to regular and ongoing coaching. Here at Richardson, we provide managers with a comprehensive set of coaching tools built to make sure that the right behaviours are repeated consistently through their selling teams. From one-on-one sessions with our experienced facilitators to reinforce the coaching skills learned in class, to toolkits that help them bring skills to life, to deal-coaching sessions to give managers lift, we make sure coaching is taking place in your sales organisation and help to make it realistic.

Deep & modern sales curriculum enables you to develop your individual sellers against role-based competencies while achieving consistency across teams.

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Our customisation approach ensures we fully reflect your unique selling environment while providing best-in-class training content to ensure efficiency and relevancy.

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A modern delivery approach that includes live and virtual training workshops in which participants learn and practise skills complemented with a digital, blended learning journey that reinforces, sustains, and certifies desired behaviours.

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Build agile selling skills within your sales teams so that they can lead customers through a new, dynamic and digital buying journey. Agile selling skills and an outcome-focused pursuit plan are the future of selling.

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Our technology provides visibility into performance so that we can measure progress and deliver real-time insights.

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Why Richardson

Increase in Revenue

Kauffman sees a 12% increase in revenue


Increased Close Rate

OUTFRONT Media sees a 20% increase in close rate


Return on Training Investment

iProspect gets a 22:1 return on training investment


Reduced Time to Revenue

First Data sees a 30% reduction in time to revenue


Reps Achieving Quota

Microsoft sees a 30% increase in the number of reps achieving quota


Our Impact

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