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iprospect sales training success story

iProspect Gains 22:1 ROI

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The Results

  • 22:1ROI Attained from the training programme

  • 17%Overall increase in consultative skills knowledge

  • 2.9Rating (out of 3) on overall training experience from participants

The Challenge

iProspect, a global digital marketing performance agency, was experiencing change both internally and externally. With shifting customer conversations and a maturing industry that has led to increased competition, iProspect was looking to be more proactive with their customers by truly understanding their business challenges and providing solutions to add more value.

iProspect was seeking to implement a flexible and relevant training programme for a new role within the organisation that solely focused on Client Services. The goal of the programme was to equip the Client Services team with the skills to add value to customers by changing the conversation and becoming a trusted advisor in order to drive revenue, increase organic product growth and retain existing business.

The Approach

Richardson Sales Performance implemented a blended training programme for the new Client Service Leadership team at iProspect that was agile, scalable, and highly relevant with its customised design. It was implemented to equip the team with process, strategy and consultative capabilities. The blended programme began with content on Richardson Accelerate, an online platform that allowed the team to learn on-demand, desktop or mobile, giving way to limited bandwidth. Skills covered in the programme ranged from Consultative Selling Skills to Six Critical Skills, and for managers, Developmental Sales Coaching.

Participants learnt more about the skills in a series of Instructor-led classes, allowing time to practise in customised role-plays that were relevant to iProspect’s day-to-day business. After the classroom, participants sustained the knowledge through Richardson Accelerate features such as on-demand videos scenarios, quizzes, and competitive leaderboards. They also implemented Richardson Sales Performance’s mobile reinforcement tool, QuickCheck, a mobile app that delivers two questions every other day based on content taught in the classroom.

Video: IProspect's Sales Improvement Experience

Definitely the best management training I've experienced in media. Really appreciate the opportunity to grow my skillset and bring more value to iProspect as a result!
Account Director, iProspect

Solutions that made this possible

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Richardson Sales Performance (formerly Sales Performance International and Richardson) consultants possess many years of selling and sales management experience, and as a result, we can provide expert coaching to clients on strategic sales opportunities.

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