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Accelerate Live

Where personalised feedback, coaching and real-world practice take sellers to their next level of performance.

Transforming Theory into Practice

Accelerate Live is where personalised feedback, coaching, and real-world practice take sellers to their next level of performance. Building upon digital learning, Richardson facilitated workshops advance the behaviour change cycle, bringing learned best practices into the real world.

We use a “learning-by-doing” methodology in our workshops, whereby participants are actively engaged in role-playing, problem-solving, brainstorming, and real-deal application and feedback.

Engage Your Team with Passionate and Expert Facilitators

Our field coaches come from extensive selling and sales leadership backgrounds and see it as their mission to provide precise feedback and coaching so sellers are challenged, engaged, and leave better than when they entered.

Your leaders will see their development investment amplified through the immediate application of learned best practices and relevant, challenging feedback from experts. Their teams will make important connections on how their skills translate into more wins and will build the confidence they need to use those skills in the field.

Your coaches will connect the dots between the business strategy and the development of capabilities. And leaders can be assured that the Live workshops are focused on the right area because they are driven by the metrics and capability connections from the Insights engine.

Your sellers will gain critical practice time to apply their new behaviours and get personalised feedback and coaching from an expert in the field. They will strategise on important pursuits with their peers and leave workshops with the confidence they need to show up differently and deliver more value to customers.

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Brochure: The NEW Accelerate Sales Performance System

Download a complimentary brochure outlining Richardson's game-changing new solution that uses your data to inform personalised learning journeys for your team.


Solution Features

  • Customization

    Make learning relevant to the real-world your sellers live in with customised role-plays and example scenarios that connect theoretical skills to field practice.

  • Facilitated Practice Workshops

    Engage your team with in person or virtual workshops designed to bring to life and reinforce digital learning.

  • Coaching

    Fine-tune your team's new capabilities with live coaching in a collaborative and safe workshop environment.

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