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Richardson Sales Performance Launches Coaching Cloud Platform

Press Release

July 19, 2016Press Release

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The Richardson Sales Performance Coaching Cloud™, a new, cloud-based platform that sits at the heart of your coaching program delivering real-time field evaluations of individuals and teams across your organization.

The platform allows for field evaluations captured by the sales manager to be viewed through easy-to-understand dashboard reports that give a detailed view of the actual knowledge and behaviors of your sales team. Not only can the results of evaluations be used to initiate a tailored development program for your sales professionals, the subsequent coaching activity can be tracked for effectiveness and future development.

The platform benefits sales teams by providing evidence-based data that show individuals where they need to change. This information is shared in a way that encourages them to take ownership of their development and changes their underlying beliefs and attitudes. It also benefits senior leaders by providing measurable evidence that coaching is taking place across all managers and teams in a way that is consistent with your sales methodology and best practices.

The Richardson Sales Performance Coaching Cloud™ offers a mobile, tablet, and laptop friendly interface. Over the past few months, Richardson Sales Performance has been working with clients to build their own, customized experience with customized coaching questions and tailored to client’s specific needs.

“The goal of The Richardson Sales Performance Coaching Cloud™ is to help ensure our client’s that their investment in sales training is worth it. We want to make sure that their sales team’s behaviors are changing in a way that will improve their business,” said Chris Tiné, Chief Product Officer. “This platform is a mechanism in which our clients can measure and benchmark the impact of their coaching activities, and by customizing the content to align with your objectives, we can deliver the data that sales leaders need to improve their sellers.”

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