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cummins sales training success story

Cummins Improved Quota Achievement by Refocusing on the Customer

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The Results

  • 74%74% of participants reported an increased in closed sales after training.

  • 88%88% of participants reported the training was worth the investment with 67% reporting that the ROI was at least 2X the cost of training.

  • 12%Sellers saw an average increase of 12% in new opportunities per quarter.

The Challenge

Cummins was suffering from a segmented approach to selling. Disparate groups engaged customers in different ways. In fact, the only commonality among the silos was a transactional selling model that ignored the specificity of the customer’s needs. The business discovered that they needed a cohesive selling system that could increase opportunities with existing and new clients. Empowering sellers with a new set of skills could serve the dual purpose of boosting effectiveness and helping them develop longevity within their careers at the company. Meeting these challenges meant adopting a consultative framework. Cummins partnered with Richardson Sales Performance to teach their sales professionals new ways to understand the customer and deliver solutions that engaged those specifics.

The Approach

The business engaged Richardson Sales Performance for their ability to wrap proven practices in industry-specific scenarios that relate to the sellers. Sales professionals and their managers all attended a two-day Consultative Selling programme. The success of training encouraged the business to participate in Coaching for Sales Results, Consultative Negotiations, High-Impact Presentations, Expert Selling Collaborative Account Development, Strategic Prospecting and finally, Service to Sales. The efficacy of these programmes is evidenced by the business decision to permanently adopt the training as part of their sales certification process. Moreover, the universality of the programme’s core principles helped sellers ranging from such diverse locations as the South Pacific, South Africa and the U.S.

I won an opportunity by applying my listening skills, providing a solution to the customer’s needs and using the correct product for their application.
Sales Associate, Cummins

Solutions that made this possible

young sales professional sitting at her desk on the phone with a client using the consultative selling skills she learned in richardson's training program

Consultative Selling Training

This training programme teaches a customer-focused approach for planning and executing sales calls. Teams learn to engage customers in needs-based dialogues that build credibility, enable better problem solving, and foster customer openness to uncover critical information needed to position a compelling solution that differentiates your team.

Sprint Negotiations Training Program

Sprint Negotiations Training

The Sprint Negotiations training program builds agile negotiation skills to enable sellers to realize the full value of the sale. Sellers develop the knowledge, confidence, and skill to avoid losing control, read and adapt to each situation, and guide the negotiation to a mutually beneficial result that maximizes their outcome and protects the relationship.

agile sales coaching training program

Sprint Coaching™ At a Glance

Richardson’s sales coaching training programme, Sprint Coaching™, teaches an agile approach to sales coaching that turns professional development into an iterative and flexible process. It helps sales managers shift from being an expert who commands team members, to being a coach who empowers self-motivated learning and improved results.

Sales Presentation Skills training program

Sales Presentation Skills Training

The Sales Presentation skills training programme helps your sales team more effectively win business by delivering a consultative, customer-focused presentation that has impact, is memorable, brings value and actively involves customers.

attractive male and female sales professionals looking on a smart phone to review an account plan they learned how to create in richardson's prosperous account strategy training program

Prosperous Account Strategy Training

This programme teaches your team to apply a customer-centric approach to identifying priority accounts, analysing critical information, and developing a strategy to find the white space so your team and customers prosper.

young stylish african american sales person completing her prospecting activities on her phone because she has the ability to prospect with agility after completing richardson's prospecting training program

Sprint Prospecting Training

The Sprint Prospecting training programme equips your sales professionals with an agile approach to targeting, messaging, and engaging high-potential prospects to develop relationships and pursue new business opportunities with existing or new customers.

Enhanced Service Through Consultative Sales training program

Enhanced Service through Consultative Sales Training

This programme provides customer service representatives with the process, skill, and attitude to effectively and efficiently lead customer calls while identifying opportunities and cues to provide further value and sell additional products and solutions.

sales skill assessments

Sales Skill Assessments

Find clarity on where your team is today and where you need to go with our proprietary sales skill assessments.

two sales managers looking at a desktop reviewing metrics that show the impact of sales training on their team's performance.

Measurement at All Levels of Performance

Discover why our sales training measurement approach, based on the Kirkpatrick Model, ensures success against the qualitative and quantitative goals of your initiative.