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young stylish african american sales person completing her prospecting activities on her phone because she has the ability to prospect with agility after completing richardson's prospecting training program

Sprint Prospecting Training

Discover an agile approach to sales prospecting

Win new business with an agile approach to targeting, messaging and engaging prospects

The Sprint Prospecting training programme equips sellers with an agile approach for targeting, messaging, and engaging prospects. It builds the skills and instills the processes that help sellers develop relationships and pursue new business.

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For Who

Sales Professionals
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Virtual instructor-led
Digital Learning
Blended Learning
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Sprint ProspectingTM Training Programme Overview

The Sprint Prospecting™ programme teaches sales professionals how to apply selling sprints in their prospecting efforts so each customer interaction arms them with the knowledge needed to assess the next best move against their original objectives. This helps sales professionals to stay agile and adapt as they ultimately attempt to move prospecting efforts to more, involved selling efforts.

Sprint ProspectingTM Framework

The Sprint ProspectingTM framework provides sellers with a roadmap for planning and executing prospecting activities that includes the areas of acumen customers value the most. The graphic below outlines this general process.

graphic depicting the prepare, engage, advance framework used in the sprint sales prospecting training program

Take a deeper dive into the methodology by downloading the white paper, Accessing Growth with Sprint Prospecting.

Business Benefits of Sales Prospecting Training

Upon completing the Sprint ProspectingTM training programme, your sales team will experience the following business benefits:

  • Improved ability to generate buyer receptivity through strategic targeting and relevant messaging
  • Increased volume of qualified leads and/or opportunities in the sales pipeline
  • Increased number of new contacts and meetings booked
  • Increased number of leads from referral sources
sprint selling training program information

Sprint Prospecting Training Programme Brochure

Learn about our new programme that teaches sellers to apply an agile methodology to their prospecting strategy.


Key Areas of Content

  • Preparing with Critical Thinking

    Sales professionals learn to identify ideal customers, engage with them in social environments, and build messaging to stimulate interest to create the cadence for a multi-touch prospecting plan.

  • Engaging with Potential Customers

    Sales professionals learn to engage with gatekeepers in a collaborative fashion and apply a prospecting dialogue model designed to align with the prospect, demonstrate critical conversation skills and ask for an appointment.

  • Advancing the Conversation

    Sales professionals build skills to easily transition from prospecting to opportunity pursuit. Your team learns to use tools to track deal progress and ensure they follow through on commitments.

  • Selling Sprints in Prospecting

    Sales professionals learn to use a sprint methodology to assess their next best move against their original objectives using agile selling skills to stay in lock step with the prospects changing needs.

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