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attractive sales professional looking up on a city street feeling great because richardson's training has improved her selling skills in the real world.

What works in theory doesn’t always work in the everyday world your reps live in..., someone had to find a better way to connect your sales training to their real world

For far too long, companies have had to deal with a big disconnect between their training and their actual sales strategy, culture, systems, and customers.

How do you make real change happen?

It takes three things:

1. More adaptable content so you can build agility with a wider range of relevant capabilities.

2. More useful technology that integrates with your CRM and helps your reps get better deal by deal.

3. More visible progress with helpful metrics connected to your systems so you can see in real-time how your reps are impacting business outcomes.

the three pillars of an effective sales strategy - more adaptable content, more useful technology, more visible progress

Only Richardson brings you this approach. That’s why industry leaders all rely on us, and it’s how our clients find more customers, win more opportunities, and grow their most strategic accounts.

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Here’s our take on the 3 things it takes to make real change happen:

More Adaptable Content

more adaptable content makes sales training more effective

Most workshops promise to give your team all the answers, and of course, the speaker was dynamic, and the topics were interesting. But the training just didn’t adapt to your world.

So here you are, weeks later, and you still aren’t seeing any measurable impact on performance. How can you justify pulling reps out of the field for something that didn’t really help them in the field?

Instead of just giving your reps a rigid methodology, you’ll help them build agility with a wider range of capabilities they can leverage today, tomorrow, or in ten years.

To be adaptable, your content should:

  • Be customized to speak directly to your seller’s industry, problems, and critical business issues.
  • Include select training modules that address the specific capabilities your different teams need, anything from better pipeline prospecting to negotiations.
  • Build agility with broad skill development, so your teams can operate in any selling environment.
  • Use scenario-based reinforcement to help your reps maintain their new capabilities.

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More Useful Technology

more useful technology makes sales training more effective

If your reps are complaining about the amount of time it’s taking them to complete a sales training program the problem might be the training platform itself.

When the technology isn't useful, you might find that they've been trying to finish a three-hour training module for three weeks, but between getting timed out of the platform and doing their real job, their progress is hovering just above zero. Not to mention they’ve got to lug their laptops everywhere because the mobile version doesn’t work right.

Wasn’t the point of this training to improve sales, not hinder them? Instead of boring, irrelevant eLearning, your team needs a platform that delivers short-burst, video-enriched digital assets integrated with your CRM to help reps get better deal by deal.

With Richardson’s sales technology, you can:

  • Access a simple, intuitive learning platform with personalized content across a variety of mediums.
  • Apply a blended training approach to bring you the best of in-person, virtual, and mobile training.
  • Build new skills with modules that easily fit into your reps’ schedules with short formats that make progress easier to achieve.
  • Leverage a Salesforce-native tool that helps your reps create successful account plans and identify opportunities to protect and grow accounts.
  • Access tools to help your team analyze their major accounts with a customer-centric lens that helps them align with their customer's business.

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More Visible Progress

more visible progress makes sales training more effective

Sometimes your numbers can look great, but they’re not really the ones you’re looking for.

A post-training survey shows your sales team loved the workshops. The speaker gave them high marks for their engagement. And every rep scored well on the modules. But what you can’t see is how all of this actually impacted things like win rates, sales velocity, and revenue.

It’s nice to know how your team performed in the training, but where are the metrics on how they performed in the field? And do those numbers justify the amount you spent on sales training this year?

Instead of operating blindly, you’ll get helpful metrics that are connected to your systems so you can see in real-time how your reps are impacting business outcomes.

Richardson enables your team to measure the real effectiveness of training by:

  • Embedding a systematic approach to measuring the effectiveness of your sales training program in the immediate, short, and long term.
  • Providing dashboards to allow reps and their managers to easily assess skill gaps and get a plan of action to address them.
  • Offering real-time insights into engagement and performance with integrated assessments and surveys.
  • Tracking progress using technology that lets managers see exactly what skills their reps are working on.
  • Measuring how much and how often your reps are applying their new knowledge in the field

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If you’re ready to make real change happen in your sales organization, connect with us to learn how we can help you bridge the big disconnect between sales training and real-world results.