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Virtual Selling training program

Virtual Selling Training Programme

Empower your sales team to more effectively engage customers in virtual meetings

Establish meaningful connections with buyers across virtual borders

Virtual selling requires shifts in the application of traditional selling skills. The way your sales team prepares for, engages in, and follows up on opportunities has to change to break through the barriers inherent in a virtual setting. Richardson's Virtual Selling training programme does just that by instilling best practises that help your sellers go beyond the PowerPoint and get their customers talking.

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Sales Professionals
Sales Managers
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4- Hour VILT Workshop

The Need for Virtual Selling Skills

People behave differently in remote selling scenarios. They don’t engage in the same way and are more distracted. Selling over video creates a divide between traditional selling methods that rely on formality and the natural connectedness people feel when sitting face-to-face.

Effective virtual selling demands a heightened sense of intentionality. A salesperson’s level of preparedness to show up credibly over digital channels, create a real connection, and have a meaningful interaction that builds trust is paramount.

Learn more about the need for strong virtual selling skills by downloading the white paper, Success in the Era of Virtual Selling.

Virtual Sales Training Programme Overview

Richardson Sales Performance’s Virtual Selling training programme equips salespeople with the skills and techniques to increase credibility, create connections, foster openness, and build trust in a virtual sales meeting.

This training programme gives sales reps a game plan and builds the skills and confidence they need to fully embrace and execute a virtual selling strategy. This programme focuses on getting your sales team to practice these skills in a live virtual environment so they can get comfortable on camera to drive immediate improvement.

virtual sales training program

Virtual Selling Training Programme Brochure

Learn how our training helps teams more effectively engage customers through digital channels.


Key Areas of Content

  • Preparation for Virtual Meeting

    Remote selling requires a higher level of preparation to manage the environment. We teach sales professionals to prepare in a way that ensures they project professionalism and credibility, build rapport, and effectively use the technology to enhance and engage customers while not distracting from real conversation.

  • Virtual Selling Skills

    In this programme, we teach sales professionals to utilise the critical selling skills at a higher level in order to display virtual professionalism, confidence and presence in order to engage in meaningful discussions while holding the customer’s attention.

  • Meeting Structure and Facilitation Skills

    We teach sales professionals to drive desired meeting outcomes by creating a clear game plan for the meeting and applying facilitation techniques to manage time and stakeholders in a virtual environment.

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