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solution selling training program

Solution Selling® Training

Discover a clear path to buyer, seller alignment and sales success

Employ a proven process for identifying and addressing customer pains to bring the sale to a close

Solution Selling® teaches sales professionals a methodology and skills that help them build momentum throughout the sale. Sellers learn how to identify their buyer's key business issue and connect that issue to their solution in a meaningful way.

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For Who

Sales Professionals
Sales Managers
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Virtual instructor-led
Blended Learning
Digital Learning
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2.5-Day ILT Workshop; Five 4-hour VILT Workshops; Pre and Post Digital Learning

Solution Selling® Training Programme Overview

Solution Selling® provides sellers with a clear map that the right things will be accomplished in the right manner. at the right time, with the right buyers, resulting in increased sales productivity and revenues.

The programme covers:

  • A roadmap for sales success
  • Building sales pipelines
  • Building buyer consensus
  • Collaborating with buying teams
  • Negotiating to the close

If Solution Selling® sounds like a good option, you might be interested in learning about our newest methodology – Sprint SellingTM

Sprint SellingTM combines the skills and processes learned in Solution and Consultative Selling and incorporates agile selling principles that help your sellers turn the rapid changes common in the market today into a competitive advantage.

Click here to learn more about Richardson's Sprint SellingTM training programme.

Solution Selling® Training Programme Business Benefits

Solution Selling® training enables selling professionals to increase win rates and revenue production by:

  • Providing higher and differentiated value to buyers
  • Defining a clear path to decision
  • Minimizing discounts and concessions
  • Managing sales pipelines and territories
  • Collaborating with buyers throughout the selling process
group of stylish sales professionals and their buyers working together using a solution selling methodology to uncover needs and formulate a mutually beneficial solution

Solution Selling® Training Programme Brochure

Empower your team with the right processes and skills to drive performance at scale.


  • A Map for Sales Success

    Sales professionals learn a path to more effective buyer engagement, so they can quickly determine how potential customers have progressed on their buying journey, and how to adjust selling interactions to provide the most value.

  • Building Sales Pipelines

    Participants develop specialised skills and methods to stimulate prospect interest. They learn methods and get access to tools that enable them to build and maintain pipelines of opportunities to ensure consistent results.

  • Establishing Buyer Consensus

    Sales professionals learn effective methods to gain access to people with power, develop trust and credibility, and build buyer agreement on the solution’s value.

  • Collaborating with Buyers

    We help sales professionals identify and eliminate operational, financial, and transitional obstacles that prevent buyers from moving forward by teaching them how to execute an ongoing collaboration strategy.

  • Negotiating the Win

    Sales professionals learn how to determine when an opportunity is ready to close, plan effective final negotiations, and secure business as a valuable exchange for all parties involved.

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