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Selling With Insights Training

Insight Selling Adds Value for the Customer and Unlocks Revenue for Your Organisation

Changes in today’s buying behaviour are putting more pressure than ever on sellers to operate at a higher level.  Customers are coming to the table more informed and more prepared with their own research.  In fact, many even decide on solutions before they have a conversation with a salesperson.  They show up with preconceived notions of what they need, which may or may not be right.  These changes often drive commodity-selling behaviours and put increased pressure on price. Therefore, it is imperative that sales organisations adapt and strengthen their selling approach.  A recent study shows that sales professionals who deliver meetings of high-value win deals 3.6 times more than their peers.  Rather than simply responding, sellers must create value using insight selling, encouraging customers to think about their business issues and needs in a new way.  This includes overcoming buyer misunderstandings misconceptions in order to help customers make the best decisions for the business.

Selling with Insights Training

Richardson’s Selling with Insights® programme trains sellers on advanced-level skills that allow them to know when and how to effectively use insights in strategic dialogues with customers.  In order to think like a business executive and connect their capabilities to the customer’s high-level business issues, sellers must identify potential blind spots in the customer’s thinking to which they can provide insight and create value for the buyer.  This training programme develops their ability to become the point of differentiation and bring relevant insights and ideas to create value in the buying experience rather than just in the solution that the seller delivers.

Business Outcomes of the Insight Selling Programme

Insight selling has been proven to help sales organisations improve their bottom line by training sellers to:

  • Help customers validate, clarify, deepen, and reframe their thinking around how to address business issues (i.e., challenges and opportunities) in order to reach their goals and objectives
  • Differentiate themselves by bringing personal value to the customer’s buying experience
  • Generate interest in their capabilities
  • Influence customer decision criteria to align solutions to the seller’s distinct competitive advantage

Learning Objectives of the Insight Selling Programme

Richardson’s Selling with Insights® training programme will enable your team to:

  • Prepare for and lead an insight-based dialogue
  • Map competitive advantages to potential customer business issues (i.e., challenges and opportunities) based on research/knowledge of the customer
  • Effectively prepare and use insight-driven selling planning tools to tailor a compelling storyline that creates value for a specific customer and buyer
  • Apply the Insight Dialogue Model to effectively establish, reinforce, and maintain an environment of collaboration and mutual respect that nurtures new and value-added thinking about how to achieve the customer’s strategic goals and objectives
  • Make in-the-dialogue decisions to further explore, prompt, and shape customer thinking to align customer and seller perceptions around the true nature of a customer issue and how to best address it

Programme Delivery

Richardson’s Selling with Insights® is available as a two-day instructor-led training workshop.

Understanding the Selling with Insights Training Programme

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