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Training Sales People is Different.

From the content they need to the training experience they prefer, every seller is unique. As a group, they’re diverse — spanning generations and geographies. With packed schedules, they’re often busy, making them hard to reach and engage when it comes to sales training.

That’s why we designed Richardson Accelerate™, a web-based platform that delivers sales training programmes online, and sits at the heart of a blended learning solution. It is built to engage and inspire sellers, provide real-time visibility into performance for sales managers, and drive long-term results.


at the Speed of Sales

Skill development is essential, but revenue pressures are relentless and don’t go away while sellers sit through training. Many salespeople are part of highly distributed teams spread out across the country or beyond. Tearing them away from their clients for an extended period of time is simply not an option. The same is true for sellers on the phone or call centers, where time off of the phone can mean lost revenue.

The Accelerate platform's online sales training programmes include Consultative Selling, Consultative Negotiations, Developmental Sales Coaching, and more. We use mobile-first technology to provide asynchronous e-learning opportunities for sellers and sales managers on the move. Lessons are delivered online in self-contained, bite-sized modules of learning that are independent and easy to digest. Short, video-based scenarios make learning fast and bring skills to life by demonstrating the difference between effective and ineffective selling.


with Competition

A powerful combination of game setups, video-based learning scenarios, and social elements make it easy for sellers to feel confident in applying new behaviours immediately in the field. Games and quizzes with leaderboards, activity badges, and running online contests add an element of competition and provide managers visibility into the performances of individuals and the team.


& Inform Coaching

One great advantage of technology is the ability to capture data and transform it into actionable insight. This creates the opportunity for sales managers to structure coaching conversations that lead to real behaviour change, and it gives sellers the opportunity to take ownership of their own progress.

Through assessments, formative quizzes, and learner confidence scoring, Accelerate delivers analytics that provide visibility to the business and inform learning.

The Accelerate online sales training programme uses built-in touch points to provide the data your sales coaches need to guide sellers along their paths to skill improvement. Baseline assessments benchmark starting points and prepare sellers for learning. Formative quizzes during the programme check progress and redirect learning. An end-of-course assessment shows exactly how far learners have come and where they need more focus. Confidence scoring allows learners to self-identify topics that make sense to them and those that feel a bit uncertain. Topics can be sorted according to learner confidence and can be revisited if needed.

Accelerate to Win

Learner Wins

  • Time:  Online videos, games, and interactive activities teach sellers essential models and concepts when and where it works for them.
  • Focus:  Class time is spent on highly personalised instruction and higher-order activities, such as collaboration, problem-solving, and role playing.
  • Flexible:  Sellers learn at their own pace, on their own time, and on their own devices.
  • Visual:  Video-based scenarios show skills in action, teaching sellers the difference between good and great.
  • Bite-Sized:  Small bursts of self-contained learning are only as big as they need to be to teach a new skill or concept
  • Fun:  Game mechanics motivate learners and show them how they are doing compared to their benchmarks and to others on their teams or across the organization.

Business Wins

  • Speed:  Maximise time-to-proficiency by onboarding new sellers quickly
  • Efficient:  Improve selling skills while minimising time out-of-market
  • Reach:  Strengthen the selling skills of extended sales teams — SMEs, channel partners, and customer support
  • Insight:  Provide sales managers with visibility into the skill development of their teams, enabling them to direct coaching to the point of need

Accelerate as a Standalone or Blended Solution

Accelerate for Standalone Learning

  • Video-based scenarios bring sales skills to life. Learners see effective and ineffective dialogues and are challenged to identify the differences.
  • A micro-learning content structure delivers self-contained lessons through bite-sized chunks of content, rich with videos, learning exercises, and game mechanics that encourage independent learning.
  • Leaderboards, badges, and flashcards turn the learning experience into a game to tap into students’ desire for competition, achievement, status, and recognition — making learning fun and constant.
  • The adaptive online sales training programme platform monitors the pace of learners and progressively adapts their daily assignments to keep them on pace with their learning goals.

Blended Solution

  • Sellers save classroom time by learning key concepts and selling models in advance. This allows workshop time to focus on higher-order learning activities, like role playing, problem-solving, and group brainstorming.
  • Discussion boards are built into Accelerate’s technology and allow for the sharing of experiences and ideas between facilitators and learners. These interactions can help guide learning both in the platform and in the classroom.
  • Accelerate’s assessments and learner-level analytics can be shared with facilitators before class so that learning can be better targeted to areas of need.
  • Accelerate extends the classroom experience to the job through sustainment modules, including on-demand content, the video library, job aids, planners, and manager toolkits.

Whether using the tool for experienced sellers or new hires during onboarding, the Richardson Accelerate™ online sales training programme delivers the flexibility to give your teams the right content at the right time.

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