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young female sales professional using her cell phone on a city street to complete a simple training reinforcement exercise on Richardson's QuickCheck solution.

Mobile Sales Training Reinforcement

Give your sellers access to QuickCheck™, a mobile sales training reinforcement solution to make training stick.

Drive Learning Sustainment in Less than 5 Minutes a Day

QuickCheck™ is Richardson’s training reinforcement tool that sustains learning through a single email a day.

The solution is simple, each day your sales team is prompted to answer a multiple-choice question based on a selling scenario they’re likely to face in the real world. These exercises keep best practises top of mind as the seller engages with customers in the field.

While it simple, this tool is powerful and proven to deliver real results.

graphic showing stats about quickcheck including a 170% increase in knowledge retention, 35% engagement level, and 17% proficiency improvement

QuickCheck™ is effective because your sales team will actually use the tool.

The activity is fun because the experience is “gamified”. It’s convenient because the exercise takes less than 5 minutes a day, and the content is interesting because it’s customised to be relevant to the world your reps live in.

Learn more about all the features and benefits the QuickCheck tool offers by downloading the details here.

Built-in Analytics Measure Performance

We know sales managers don’t have the time to wrestle with complicated analytics platforms. That's why QuickCheckTM makes monitoring performance easy by offering intuitive dashboards that allow managers to view team and individual performance, weekly snapshot reports, and coaching insights based on their team’s data.

Audience and Delivery Options

The tool can be customized to engage sellers at any level of experience from foundational to advanced. A typical course lasts twelve weeks, and the cadence of the questions is customizable to your specific needs. QuickCheckTM is compatible with any of Richardson’s sales training programs.

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