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Steven F.K. Vantongelen

Executive Vice President and EVP of Sales EMEA

Steven F.K. Vantongelen is Executive Vice President and EVP of Sales EMEA of Richardson Sales Performance, responsible for meeting revenue growth goals and managing the sales force and client relationships.

Since joining the firm, Steven’s thought leadership has contributed to the strong growth and expansion of the capabilities and services of Richardson Sales Performance.  Steven has helped many clients realise sustained revenue and performance improvements around the world and provides executive sponsorship to many of Richardson Sales Performance’s clients throughout their sales transformations.

“The past year has been exciting for us.  Richardson and Sales Performance International joined forces in November 2019.  Ever since, the combined organisation, Richardson Sales Performance, constitutes the global leader in sales training and performance improvement.  We provide to our customers an unrivaled suite of proven sales methodology, learning programmes, and global coverage to empower sales organizations with cutting-edge digital learning technology, CRM-based sales execution tools, and a way to objectively measure ROI. We are committed to drive long-term, measurable sales results for our customers around the world in any location or industry, and in the face of any challenge.”

Steven is an esteemed guest speaker at events and in Business School programmes.  He has held various sales and executive roles in publicly traded companies and worked with senior management teams of leading-edge organisations around the world.  Steven holds a Master of Science and Business Economics, NeuroMarketing, NLP Master Practitioner, and Master in Richardson Sales Performance’s Sales and Marketing Programmes.  He has a proven track record of driving significant growth, transforming how salesforces sell and growing large strategic accounts, and aligning and uniting individuals and organizations alike to achieve accelerated growth.  He has extensive experience in dealing with American, European, and Asian cultural diversity.

Steven spends much of his time traveling to visit Richardson Sales Performance clients. He finds balance in the hectic life of an executive through his music and private volunteer work.  He also enjoys outdoor recreational activities.