Andrea Grodnitzky

Chief Marketing Officer

As Richardson’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andrea is responsible for demand generation and value creation through strategic marketing, brand awareness, digital optimisation, product launch initiatives, and market-facing thought leadership to drive sustained, organic growth. With a passion for sales and customer-centric activity, Andrea and her team work to inspire customers across the engagement lifecycle and support them in their journey to market leadership by delivering fresh perspectives to their sales challenges.

As an executive sponsor, Andrea also frequently consults with clients on global, long-term solutions for multi-tiered audience levels. Because of this extensive, client-facing work, Andrea is one of Richardson’s key thought leaders in the area of sales performance improvement. She frequently publishes white papers, blogs, and videos on various sales-related topics and speaks at client and industry events.

In 2008, she was recognised as one of Training Magazine’s Top Young Training Leaders. This award recognises the outstanding talents, accomplishments, and leadership of 40 training and organisational development professionals age 40 and under. In 2012, Andrea was recognised as a Gold Winner for Support Executive of the Year by the Best in Biz Awards 2012 and for Female Executive of the Year from the Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

Prior to this role, Andrea served as Senior Vice President of Global Performance Solutions where she led the team responsible for the successful design, management, implementation, and delivery of all client projects. From high-quality instructional design and project management to expert facilitation, Andrea’s primary charge was to ensure that her team had the knowledge, expertise, skill, and resources to execute flawlessly and exceed client expectations.

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