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Intentional Pursuit Strategy Training Programme

Successful Opportunity Pursuits Start With An Intentional Strategy

As the buying journey has become more complex, dynamic, and iterative, sales professionals often find themselves in a daily state of crisis — reacting to customer changes and competitor moves.

To compete today, sales professionals must shift from a mindset of selling to a customer, to helping the customer buy.  It’s an important nuance.

Customers are looking for sales professionals who can help them navigate their buying journey.  That means sales professionals must not only engage in customer-centric activities that add real value, but they must also navigate and anticipate the constant changes taking place for their buyers and help lead them through the buying process.  This involves strategic thinking and doing.

Richardson’s Intentional Pursuit Strategy Program

Richardson’s Intentional Pursuit Strategy Programme teaches your sales team to think and act strategically when pursuing complex sales opportunities to increase their chance of winning and shorten the sales cycle.

Our programme offers a buyer-centric methodology that embraces the dynamic nature of buying today. It provides a set of strategic thinking prompts, practices, and interactive planning tools to help sales professionals make decisions, avoid traps, and take the right actions at the right time to move the sale forward.

Applying insights from behavioural science, the methodology helps sales professionals to create momentum and guide the customer through the logical and emotional decision to award them the business.

We will teach your team to:

  • Understand how and why the buying process has changed and the imperative this change has created for them to think and act differently to compete today
  • Recognise and influence the critical factors buyers consider today in every buying decision:
    • The Case for Change
    • Stakeholder Dynamics
    • Decision Process
  • Utilise our Momentum Methodology to assess their position, create the right intentional and proactive strategy to differentiate, and execute with precision to drive the sale to close

Momentum Methodology

account management training momentum methodology

Richardson’s Momentum Methodology is a dynamic set of practises for developing an intentional pursuit strategy to win and grow business.

When applied in sales opportunity pursuit, the methodology is used for assessing a customer relationship, developing a strategy, and taking internal and external actions to proactively build customer relationships.

As the business environment has become more complex and difficult for customers, these changes have been reflected in the customer’s Buying Journey becoming more dynamic and extended. Trusted Advisers can play a key role in helping customers navigate or simplify that complexity. An effective methodology for developing an opportunity pursuit plan provides a set of practises and tools that helps sellers build trusted adviser relationships that create value throughout the sales opportunity pursuit process.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply a buyer-centric methodology to strategic opportunity pursuit:
    • Objectively assess strengths and vulnerabilities
    • Avoid making fatal assumptions
    • Avoid traps and inefficiencies by staying focused on the right moves at the right times
    • Make the right decisions around which opportunities to pursue
    • Create an Action Plan to advance the sale
  • Create a differentiated buying experience that motivates customer to buy from you:
    • Be creative and agile in adapting to evolving circumstances
    • Proactively combat Status Quo Bias
    • Understand and appeal to both the logical and emotional sides of buying and selling
  • Apply methodology to a real deal:
    • Develop an Action Plan to move the deal forward
    • Gain insight into personal strengths and opportunities
    • Gain feedback, insight, and ideas to strengthen your Action Plan


The program content is appropriate for any sales professional who needs to win complex opportunity pursuits, including supporting team members who actively support the development of a pursuit strategy. It also applies to sales leaders and executives responsible for leading pursuit teams.

Program Delivery

Richardson’s Intentional Pursuit Strategy program is a blended offering that includes: