Internal Partnering and Collaboration

Program Overview:  Internal Partnering and Collaboration  

Richardson’s Internal Partnering and Collaboration Program focuses on the critical success factors for creating synergistic teaming:  having a common goal, mutual benefit, open communication, trust, and joint planning.  The Program provides a Framework that enables these success factors so you can quickly build your credibility and reputation, lead without authority, and inspire team members to do what needs to be done to win an engagement or expand business within an existing account.  Participants work through highly customized scenarios that focus on the most significant, relevant internal obstacles to pursuing business such as building the right team, credentializing yourself to new colleagues, presenting opportunities from a colleague’s perspective, and coming to agreement on a pursuit strategy.  Participants also work through sensitive team issues such as how to position alternate solutions to achieve a desired result, delivering a difficult message, saying “no” to a more senior colleague, correcting a colleague in a client meeting, dealing with resistance, and resolving the most difficult objections.

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