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In a recent study by PWC, 93% of technology CEO's list customer growth and retention stratgies as the top areas for opportunity and change.

Nowhere is change more visible, and more rapid, than in the technology industry:  Continual innovation, short product lifecycles, disruptive competition, increased complexity, heightened expectations for growth – and that’s just the short list of challenges. 

As an industry, the diversity of players encompasses established firms and newly emerging start-ups, niche players and comprehensive solution providers, and both software developers and hardware manufacturers. Each one needs to take proactive steps to adapt to powerful industry shifts and thrive over the long-term.

How Our Technology Sales Training Can Help


Richardson has worked with over 60% of the leading technology firms in the hardware, software, Internet, and services sectors. We provide comprehensive IT sales training and courses for sales teams and sales leaders, enabling them to reach next levels of success within today’s rapidly changing selling environment. Richardson specifically tailors each solution to reflect your unique culture and values, driving rapid adoption and lasting results. We identify sales best practices, evaluate talent, and build skills and consistency through world-class sales training and sustainment.

The Impact of Our IT Sales Training Courses


Richardson's clients have experienced significant and quantifiable success from our technology and IT sales training solutions. We measure results from experiential and quantitative levels using performance surveys, tracking, benchmarking, and ROI. Just a few success points achieved by some of our technology clients:

  • Leading Computer Manufacturer - Recognized a $317 return for every dollar spent on Richardson training
  • Infrastructure Provider - Achieved 139% of goal after taking our training
  • Software Developer - Tripled their pipeline and increased new deal size by 40%

What We Do

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