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Custom Sales Academies Drive Continued Performance Improvement

Building a sales academy improves and sustains performance, deepens skills, and transforms your sales team.

Sales Academies are transforming the way organizations approach training and development for their sales teams, and Richardson is leading the charge in helping companies make the most of this training solution that focuses on ongoing skill development.

At Richardson, we help craft a results-oriented training framework that aligns with career paths across various sales roles, from Business Development to Global Account Management.

Our approach focuses on consistency, agility, and customization, ensuring your team continuously develops capabilities to help them remain competitive in today's dynamic market environment. We've refined our methods through rigorous research, positioning us to perfectly tailor a sales academy to your unique needs.

Key Elements of an Effective Sales Academy

Sales academies follow a structured curriculum across months or even years. They build sales capabilities by training your sales reps on a diverse set of selling skills like negotiation techniques, product knowledge, and sales strategies.

Learning plans include classroom sessions with relevant role-plays, self-led online training, and embedded skill sustainment solutions.


Benefits of a Sales Academy

Sales academies offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Targeted and Relevant Training: They provide role-specific training, enabling participants to immediately acquire applicable skills.
  • Improved Performance: They focus on unique competencies required for each sales role, enhancing job performance.
  • Increased Job Satisfaction: Role-specific training leads to increased confidence, job satisfaction, and motivation among sales professionals.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Shared learning experiences foster unity and collaboration among sales team members.
  • Career Development Opportunities: They offer a clear path for career development within the sales organization.
  • Better Alignment with Organizational Goals: Role-based training connects individual performance to broader organizational goals.
  • Cultivation of a Culture of Continuous Learning: Sales academies foster a culture of continuous learning, motivating individuals to seek new knowledge and skills.

Why Opt for a Sales Academy

Recognizing the diverse needs of different sales roles, Richardson creates a customized sales academy tailored to your team's specific requirements. But an effective academy goes beyond training—it cultivates a culture that values learning, clear roles, responsibilities, and a shared vision. By doing so, it significantly enhances the success potential of your team.

Richardson's Approach to Cultivating a Sales Academy

Richardson takes a structured approach to drive business outcomes. With an emphasis on consistency and agility, we create sales academies that focus on driving the sales professional’s performance throughout their career.

We work with sales leaders through every step of the process, from building the foundation of the sales academy, guiding and coordinating the training, to monitoring its success. We help develop the framework for connecting training with business metrics such as deal size, win rate, sales cycle length, and the number of opportunities in the pipeline.

Our sales academies typically begin with foundational skills training like the training offered in our Sprint Selling and Sprint Dialogues training programs for all levels and types of sellers. This ensures the entire sales organization is aligned to a single methodology and are starting to speak the same sales language.

From there, we layer in different learning paths. These learning paths can be customized by sales role, skill development needs, or both.

For example, outside sales representatives with competency gaps related to closing deals might flow into a learning path that includes the Sprint Negotiations training program and the High Stakes Consultative Dialogues training program to build skills that help them navigate and control difficult customer conversations.

Alternatively, outside sales reps with gaps in their ability to deliver effective presentations will follow a development track that includes Sales Presentations Training and storytelling training.

Richardson’s ability to offer multiple learning journeys for sellers ensures our clients make the most of their investment in a sales academy by ensuring their sales reps are building the skills that will drive immediate impact as well as long-term results.

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Why the Richardson Sales Academy Approach Works

Building a sales academy can be complex. There are many factors to consider and implementation hurdles to overcome.

Richardson is uniquely positioned to guide you through this process because of our industry-leading excellence in the following areas:

  • Adaptable Content: A deep and wide library of training content builds the core capabilities sales professionals across industries, geographies, roles, and skill levels need to be successful with today’s buyers.
  • Best-in-Class Customization: Highly customized content, role-plays, and discussion topics ensure training is relevant to your seller's real world.
  • Learner Journey Performance Monitoring: Benchmarking assessments and ongoing performance monitoring create opportunities to quickly adjust to the needs of the individual sellers throughout their sales academy learning path.
  • Global Delivery Capability: A global footprint and proven ability to modify content to suit the needs of geographically and culturally diverse teams makes solutions scalable.
  • Implementation Expertise: A proven approach to collaborating, planning, and implementing sales performance improvement solutions ensures alignment while reducing client-side time investment.
  • Built-in Sustainment Tools: A digital learning platform, mobile reinforcement solutions, and CRM Workflow tools ensure best practices are applied in the field and skill development is ongoing.

Request a Consultation

Our sales academies provide a solid foundation to significantly enhance sales professionals' abilities and performance over time.

Don’t wait to experience these benefits -- contact Richardson today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how a custom sales academy can boost your sales team's success.

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eBook: How To Build A Sales Academy

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