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Behavioral Interviewing Training

Build a Better Team with Behavioral Interviewing Training

Hiring new sales talent is a lever for growth, but many managers miss out on hiring the right candidates because they don’t know how to perform a thorough, performance-based assessment during the selection process.

Behavioral based interviewing training for managers empowers your team’s leaders to  build sales teams that will deliver results.

behavioral interview training sales prrogram

Behavioral Interviewing Training Program

The Behavioral Interviewing Program helps hiring managers understand what makes star performers successful. It trains them to optimize the process of interviewing candidates to find professionals who possess those star qualities.

Behavioral based interview training for managers teaches a performance-based questioning process that helps them assess a candidate and match that assessment to the competency and cultural requirements of the job.

Using highly customized training scenarios, participants practice sales interview questions that help them assemble a rich picture of the candidate’s background, skill sets and competencies, work style, and motivations.

The strategic questioning process reduces the chance of factors like subjectivity or stereotyping clouding the hiring managers assessment of the candidate. Participants also learn skills to gain the interest of a top candidate and resolve their objections during the hiring process. It also helps them build skills to internally position a candidate to key management (learn more here).

Behavioral Interviewing Training Program Learning Objectives

Upon completing the behavioral interviewing training program hiring managers will be better able to:

  • Increase their effectiveness in selecting the best candidates based on culture and competency fit to maximize success
  • Successfully recruit the best salespeople in a competitive marketplace
  • Execute an interviewing process that they can use to determine the competency and cultural fit of candidates based on their understanding of their organization’s culture, job specifications, and competencies
  • Increase effectiveness at creating and asking behavioral interviewing questions

Behavioral Interviewing Training Program Business Outcomes

Upon completing the behavioral interviewing training program your organization will experience the following business benefits:

  • Achieve aggressive growth goals by increasing sales revenues
  • Attract and retain the top sales talent in the marketplace
  • Reduce time to hire and associated hiring costs

Program Delivery

Behavioral Interviewing training is available as a one-day instructor-led or virtual instructor-led training program. It is also available via synchronous virtual delivery.

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