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Software, Technology & IT Sales Training Programmes

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Selling Technology Solutions in an Industry of Continual Innovation

Innovation is the primary goal for technology companies today. However, the speed of these developments often outpaces the seller’s ability to properly present new solutions in the marketplace. At Richardson, we believe that effective product positioning drives sales for technology and software.

The difficulty of managing the fast pace of technology is not unique to sellers. Today’s business leaders are frustrated with the challenges experienced driving business outcomes with new technology. An MIT Sloan Management Review survey of 1,559 respondents revealed that executives “feel frustrated with how hard it is to get great results from new technology.” How can sellers approach this problem?

How Our Technology Sales Training Can Help:  Create a Strategy around Properly Positioning the Solution

The underpinnings of any new technology are complex. Too often, sellers allow themselves and their customers to become caught up in these details. When a seller uses industry jargon and needlessly confusing data, they risk losing the customer.

Sellers of software and technology can avoid this trap by focusing on the most salient aspects of their product. This approach means presenting the differentiators while taking special care to connect those features to the customer’s specific problems.

IT Sales Training Courses Lead to Measurable Results

At Richardson, we’ve trained over 60% of the leading technology and IT firms in the hardware, software, internet, and services sectors to use positioning skills. Our coaching participants have learned how to close more business by positioning their products with concise talking points.

The result:  sellers demonstrate their ability to address the customer’s most pressing needs. Additionally, the customer is more likely to see and remember the benefits when information is organised this way. Our technology sales training clients have put these practices to use with excellent results:

  • One leading computer manufacturer recognized a 239 pound return on every 1 pound spent on training with Richardson.
  • An infrastructure provider achieved 139% of its business outcome goal upon completing our training.
  • A software developer tripled its pipeline while increasing new deal size by 40%.

This level of success starts with Richardson training, which offers the tools for selling software and technology solutions in today’s difficult market. Our participants learn how to shape perception through word choice and visual language. With these skills, sellers are equipped to appeal to both the rational and emotional mind to better connect with a customer.

With each technology sales training programme, we start by defining critical selling behaviours with a customised approach to your specific needs. Then, we teach your sales team how to go deeper in conversations with customers for a consultative approach. We then help sellers maintain these skills with digital tools. Finally, we measure direct results to see how business outcomes have changed.

The tech world moves fast — empower your sellers to move with it.

Want More Info?

If you would like to learn how we help sales organisations in the technology industry improve their sales performance please complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours. If you need immediate assistance call us at 800-526-1650.